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Skill Rating on ranked arena

KazModan.5364KazModan.5364 Member ✭✭

Why is account bound?
I don't like lock myself with just one profession, but this makes it too difficult (or easy) every time I change during a season


  • Chilli.2976Chilli.2976 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Because people play more than one class, it won't make sense to reset your MMR to 0 when you change class.

  • KazModan.5364KazModan.5364 Member ✭✭

    So, however, I find myself again having a long series of victories (or defeats). Until the value reaches the real one.
    For example, i start the season with a thief (25-30 matches) and being evaluated as Silver 1, afetr I go with the scrapper, what do you think could happen?

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