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Are new mobs properly scaled for players?

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In the newest LS the created mobs have either massive barrier (as large as half health of a Veteran mob) and healing Monk or Abyssal Specter multiple stacking AOE drops that rapidly stack Torment, Burning, and Confusion (the highest damage conditions no less than 4 stacks on initial hit). Add to this they have easily four to eight adds that are generated in the fight with varying degrees of above ability including knockdown, imob, and so on. Do you feel they are adequately scaled or overtuned to all professions, ie. Engineer, Ranger, and so on?

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Are new mobs properly scaled for players? 6 votes

Yes the mobs in game are always too weak, I can smoke them with any profession.
Linken.6345Edge.8724MoriMoriMori.5349 3 votes
Yes the difficulty is, even though there are professions I can't defeat them with.
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    Yes the mobs in game are always too weak, I can smoke them with any profession.

    I voted "Yes" but there are some places I avoid alone like the upper area of the centaur camp in Lake Doric.

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    Yes, they are. Don't ignore their mechanics. That healing comes from the mobs around them and is very similar to the way the last boss in the Istan meta functions. The barrier on the priest mobs isn't new either. Break the breakbar. Though many events will certainly scale up a bit because of players in the area they might be a bit stronger than expected.

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