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Alacrity/Quickness uptimes

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-(20/05/2019) added Inspiration with DT numbers (see link to the spreadsheet)
-(20/05/2019) added Illusion uptimes + Illusion with DT (see link to the spreadsheet)


I was checking Snow Crows website, and I've seen that there aren't really any further explanation about Chrono regarding how to adapt the best way possible to the situation. By that I mean, the current SC boon chrono only propose a duo Chrono build. So I thought that I'd make a post here.

I made this spreadsheet to explain how you can work out Alacrity/Quickness uptimes in Duo Chrono, Single Chrono (with and without/alacagade). And hopefully you can understand how to work around it, by increasing/decreasing your boon duration. This spread sheet doesn't involve all setup it just gives the basic setup, and for duo Chrono it only offers same boon duration for both Chrono with Inspiration traitline.

Also take in consideration those numbers aren't realistic in a boss fight. The" count" amount of each spell represent the amount of quickness/alacrity the chrono will get on himself.

Realistic check

Per CS (Continum Split) rotation

  • ToT(Tides of Times) 4 --> 3
  • WoR (Well of Recall) 5 --> 4
  • WoA (Well of Action) 5 --> 4 or 3
  • TW(Time Warp) 1
  • SoI (Signet of Inspiration) 6 --> 5-4

How did I calculate realistic numbers?

  • ToT: Depending on how you aim your first ToT you will most likely miss 1 or 2 person, therefore the first one should be negated always.
  • SoI: Since ToT change (outward applies quickness, and inward applies alacrity), because you use SoI directly after ToT your first SoI will only apply quickness (in the best scenario) and won't give any alacrity, therefore you should always -1 SoI from the rotation. Depending on how fast you are in your rotation you may only use SoI 5x instead of 6x before the next continuum split. For Safe scenario you should always -2 SoI if you want realistic boon duration on your team.
  • WoR: I always see people stepping out of Wells depending of the encounter, so it's always safe to remove 1 for realistic boon duration
  • WoA: depending on how many clones you get at the beginning and wether or not you play with TW. With 1 clone you can't do both WoA + TW so you should -1 if you can't precast 2 clone minimum. And minus another one as people often step out of Wells. Therefore realistic counts per CS is "3".
  • TW: Almost impossible to miss even if you try hard to run away from it. So no changes here.

Quick numbers

Duo Chrono with Inspiration/Duelling traitlines requires 0% boon duration to upkeep 100% alacrity + quickness. However in a realistic scenario, it may not always work. (see below)

Unrealistic 0% Boon Duration: CS 73 or 75 - Alacrity 77 - Quickness 93
Realistic 0% Boon Duration: CS 73 or 75 - Alacrity 59 - Quickness 70 (therefore you should run 20% if you know that people will stack, and really 40% if you're in PUG)

This spreadsheet only includes Inspiration/Duelling traitline, if people are interested I'll make one for other Chrono specialisation; Illusion/Duelling (duo chrono); 1 Chrono running illu/duel 2nd Chrono running insp/duel etc....


  • Thank you for this. This is the first time I've seen numbers revolving around numbers and comps. Everything else I've seen just throws out random numbers, but here you are with something that is actually useful. Awesome.

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    29/06/2019 updated quickness/alacrity uptimes sheet. It now has Firebrand numbers + duo chrono (Illu/x + Insp/x)

    See main post

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