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WvW/Raid Build? Discouraged from playing Ele :(

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Hi everyone, I just starting playing GW2 again and I'm really having a lot of trouble finding a solid build for Ele in WvW and eventually raids. I'm actually kinda discouraged from playing the class at all since I hear its so bad right now. I currently have a Staff Tempest build, which I was working on before I stopped playing. Is Ele viable at all anymore? What builds are currently best for this class? I see that Midline Auramancer is a support build that may be used, is this still good or worthy at all? Or should I build staff backline for damage and cc? Thanks


  • asmariya.1096asmariya.1096 Member ✭✭
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  • Dahir.4158Dahir.4158 Member ✭✭✭

    Staff Weaver with Marauder/Berserker stats.
    Dagger/Warhorn with full Minstrel stats, shout utilities (superspeed included) and Antitoxin runes.

    Everything else is not worth it.

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    Sadly lowest hp / def in wvw is a massive handicap to playing any type of roll. Made worst with the lack of effects like unblockable dmg condi dmg type out side of burning / bleed lack of both support and self "strong" boons. Its a "fun" class but is comply out preformed at every point of the game.

    I can realty go on just how badly balance ele is for all points of the game but wvw is my main forces and its bad just how much ele has going vs it in that game type.

    See ELE forms and you will get my views.

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    @Dahir.4158 said:
    Staff Weaver with Marauder/Berserker stats.
    Dagger/Warhorn with full Minstrel stats, shout utilities (superspeed included) and Antitoxin runes.

    Everything else is not worth it.

    This is wvw. Best dps build in raids is sword/dagger berserker weaver.

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  • LazySummer.2568LazySummer.2568 Member ✭✭✭
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    yeah nah if i were you i would strongly advise you to not play this class since the balance team is a meme and clearly biased against it.

  • Auburner.6945Auburner.6945 Member ✭✭✭

    I mean, who isn't. Stuck in Arcane line since dawn. Building Cele or Marshal with Toughness and maybe Durability runes since existence. Lack of range and lack of weapons.

    However, there is only the fun from playing it, or is there? The PPT match-ups or small scale ones make it so boring, and they have been quite often more than before.

    For the builds, there is Staff Backline, it's right below meta, ousted by a Herald, not because of damage, as a Weaver can dish out higher damage in mid-large scale fights, but because of the utility, higher survivability and easier gameplay, and maybe if you're not widely known across the server, or new, both are the same... speaking of me... then you might get kicked in tense times if a Herald can replace you, which sucks, but... Well! It's not the first time a Weaver gets to be in the Ranger/Thief sub-squad. Even some guilds recruit a skilled Daredevil over a Weaver.

    Then for supporting comes Minstrel Tempest, which is also ousted by Firebrand of course, and the reworked Scrapper, but once the two are in, a Tempest can finally find itself a place.

    For PvE: There are plenty of builds, many are for support, but for DPS there is only Sw/D Berserk-Assassin Weaver that is widely known, but it still struggles to find itself a place vs a Dragonhunter or a Daredevil, and after last patch, the two of them got an extra ~1000 more DPS, so the viability of Weaver might get a bit lower.

    In the end, the builds are viable, but they have better replacements, which still do not limit you from playing the class, but maybe, just maybe at extremely tough times, you might not be wanted over that that can fill in the role better than you. If you were a LoL player in S8, Marksman role was so bad that you can play a Bruiser, Tank, Assassin, even a support and you will still be more effective than the one that was/is supposed to fill this role, yet you don't get called out for playing ADC (Marksman).

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