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Reaper utility skills and build questions...

What utility skills do you guys use on your Reaper loadouts? For both PvP and PvE?
Is Bloodmagic a decent specialization for Reaper? I know it might not be optimal but I can't help but want to try a more tanky Reaper with blood magic and Staff so I can be more tanky and surrvivable, how good or bad of an idea is this?


  • From a WvW prespective, there's many different ways you can build your Reaper. It's hard to say where you should start because it all kinda boils down to your playstyle.

    If you are looking for survivability on Power Reaper with the capability to engage 1v1's and 1vX, i highly suggest running what i currently run.

    The build is flexible in that you can change Your Runes, Food, Weapons or Sigils to fit whatever playstyle suits you best. For example;
    if you think you are good at watching your conditions and cleansing them, you can opt to change runes and sigils to focus more on damage, or direct damage mitigation.
    If you think you are good at using Greatsword and Staff as opposed to Dagger/Warhorn and Axe/Focus, you can do that as well.
    If you don't like the current utilities, you can switch them for other utilities.

    This build is based on covering all the Reapers weakness, via the exploitation of Anti-Toxin Runes, which together with the Food and Relentless Pursuit make you Immune to soft CC's Like Cripple, Chill and Immobilize...Which in turn makes it easier to cleanse harmful conditions via shrouded Removal, like confusion, Burning, Posion, Bleeding, etc...
    Everything else is a "Fill in the Gap" process, which means the gear is meant to help you reach Crit Chance Cap, Toughness Soft Cap, and everything else is meant to give you as many damage modifiers available. 4-6k Auto's in shroud are the normal on this build with no might, and 13k-20k Whirls are also normal.

    The utilities on the Build are solely meant to maintain Life force, because you need it in order to do your damage, and to survive fights. You can change these to whatever you fancy, but Spectral Grasp and Spectral Armor/Locust Swarm are meant to keep your life force topped off once shroud goes on cooldown. Flesh Wurm and the elite "Become the SnowLeapord" Are disengage skills that will aid in helping you escape pressure or to escape a fight.

    In regards to Blood Magic. Blood Magic is also viable, but it suits more teamplay than it does as a solo. It can rez Downed allies very quickly and bolster damage for your teammates... Personally i don't think it's as good as Death Magic when it comes to helping you personally survive, but it has it's uses, even in the condition cleanse department, and there's a few viable builds out there that use this traitline.

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    It really depend on what playstyle I want to have but, usually, I'm using a bunch of shouts and locust signet (for the movement speed QoL) in PvE.

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    I'm gonna put some thoughts in here:

    Spite: additional corrupts and a lot of might generation
    Curses: additional corrupts a d extra precision (+fury for shroud)
    Bloodmagic: can be very flexible. Mainly adds sustain
    Deathmagic: adds sustain and defenses
    Soulreaping: offers a lot of dmg potential and also utility

    So whenever I make a necro build for PvP gamemodes, 95% of the times I play soulreaping.

    But then you only have one traitline left to choose from, if you wanna play reaper.

    The last traitline is heavily dependant on with whom you're playing.

    Solo? Or group? When group what supporters or other classes are in that group?

    With a firebrand/scrapper in my group, I'd never play bloodmagic or deathmagic. As FB offers a lot of heals and protection.
    When I have a revenant, spite and curses isn't as much needed, as the rev normally offers might and fury


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    Death Magic can be a blessing or curse in PVE. Toughness can give you unwanted boss aggro, but DM is tops for condition management (and the lovely Rise + Death Nova bomb).

    I hate gear swapping, so without a WvW running mate I'm tempted to try Death Magic so I don't have to use Toughness gear. With Rise + Corruptor's Fervor you could get around 400 armor and 33% damage reduction pretty much on demand (assuming you are using axe/focus and land a few skills). Haven't tried it out yet though.

    WvW™ - where you find more Red Rings of Death than an Xbox repair facility.

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    In PvE Blood Magic, Soul Eater (Reaper trait) and a 4 wells setup will make you unkillable (you can heal back to 100% every time you are in shroud). Everything else can be put into offense.

    In PvP your best sustain option is the Soul Reaping traitline and the Paladin Amulet. For further sustain you can additionally go for BM wells as well, but you are then playing a very predicatble and easy to counter build that will struggle greatly above silver division (where you should fight players that just walk out of your wells).

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