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Times have changed

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"There are no dedicated healers that do full healing. Every profession has some form of support to a greater or lesser extent, but none of them enough that they aren't also fighters," Peters told PC Gamer.

"What we don't have, and what we didn't want to have, was a character who stands at the back of the party and plays the 'party health bar game' - where they just look at an interface, watch health bars go down, click on a skill, click on those health bars, and that's all they do during combat,"


Can we get cast bars now?


  • a character that can solo Overgrown Grub in EBG...

    GW2 has a MEGATANK.

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    Cast bars is a nobrainer. You can't cast a gw2 pvp match without it. Its just too much kitten on the screen. One of the reasons e-sports failed hard.

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    it doesn't tho, they're called supports instead (hurdurhurdurhurdur).

    Te lazla otstra.
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