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so how does unholy martyr work?

I've used this in the past and I must admit I don't even know how it works. the skill description both in game and on the wiki aren't very clear. does it transfer 1 condi from each ally, or 5? if there are only 3 allies in range do some allies get more condis transferred?


  • Good question...probably worth testing if people don’t know.

    I’d grab a duo partner, have him get some conditions on him then use martyr and see what happens. If all 5 transfer to you than that’s ur answer.

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    it transfers 5 condies from each ally and up to a cap of 5 allies and it consumes 3 upon exiting shroud .. its a very usefull yet dangerous trait ,,i used to use it on my core necro build in PvP at the prime of scourge i got like 25 stacks of burns at mid fights xDD .....