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Raising Skyscales- Feeding.

Hello, I have gotten to the Point where I am to feed the Bably Hatchling food. I have all the toys and Lamp.
I can interact with Skyscale. . .( wash, pet, Play ball) but FEEDING is broken. I get the tool bar. and It shows skyscale food in Slot 2 and only 1 treat in 3.
But When I click it and get the (Target Circle) and move it over Skyscale, ( Green) and I toss food. It does not remove the item from Inventory nor count as feeding at all. I have run the Repair on the Files and all that. Need Help very Very frustrated. and will put in support ticket too.


  • Belishine.7493Belishine.7493 Member ✭✭✭

    aim for the cloth when you are next to it you have a odd ark when you toss the food. other then that thare should be issue untill you get to hid and seek.

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