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[NA][PvX] Memories of Arah (MoA) is recruiting all levels of players!

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** Halloween Guild Event - this Saturday the 19th - starting at 8pm EST **

Hello! Memories of Arah is a small, casual PvX guild that loves to have fun and participate in all sorts of content together. We've been through a bit of a break period and are looking to ramp things up again! Whether you're brand new or long-time vet, we are always looking for new friends to join us as we explore Tyria.

This weekend we will be holding our guild Halloween event! This includes:
-> Guild Arena Maze PvP Free-For-All
-> Mad King's Labyrinth
-> Costume Contest
-> Halloween Movie

More Info:

  • Guild Events: Friday and Saturday nights at 10PM EST! These events can be anything from fractals nights, guild missions, movie nights, browser games, festival events, etc. We try to always have at least one event for every currently running GW2 event (whether it is a festival, World Boss train event, mastery XP event, etc).

  • Fractals: We have members in all tiers who are always looking for more people to do fractals with. Beginners welcome :)

  • WvW: most of us are on Borlis Pass, but that is not a requirement and we do have members on different servers as well.

  • Hero Point trains (HoT and PoF) are run whenever we have a few members who want it. (I have plenty of elite specs to unlock on alts, so i'm always willing to organize one).

  • Discord: we have a server that we use for text chat 24/7. Voice chat is available too and is used mostly for events and group content, but it is not a requirement for participating.

  • We do not require representation and do not kick due to inactivity

We gladly welcome all types of players, whether you are a returning player, brand new to Guild Wars, or are just looking for a social guild to join.
Feel free to post below or message me in-game @ yawnee.5173 or my main character name, Yonder King


  • Hey, I'm a newish player (about level 43) looking to join an active guild for mainly PvE. How can I join?

  • yawnee.5173yawnee.5173 Member ✭✭

    Hey! I can send a guild invite directly to you using your username. I also sent you a message in-game with the discord link as well. Next time you come online, you should see both of those

  • SkeithDE.8942SkeithDE.8942 Member
    edited June 14, 2019

    Hello! I'm a player with several months experience (Have several Level 80 Characters and a Mastery Rank of 150) but still haven't managed to find an active guild. I want to get into stuff like raids and guild content, and Memories of Arah sounds wonderful! I'd really be happy if you welcomed me into this Guild!

  • yawnee.5173yawnee.5173 Member ✭✭
    edited June 14, 2019

    Sounds perfect! We run guild content weekly and are looking to get into raiding more consistently :) And have a few members who are willing to teach

  • Hi! I'm getting back into the game right now and I'd like to give your guild a try :)
    I'll be in-game in a minute so you can contact me there

  • Hi! I am a returning player who is gearing up. I have nearly a full set ascended gear and I'm interested in learning more about fractals and raids. Is the guild still recruiting?

  • Hey! Returning player looking to join a group to have fun and play together. Shoot me a message and lets play!

  • yawnee.5173yawnee.5173 Member ✭✭

    Invites sent to all :) We'll hopefully be running some Fractal and Raid training sessions soon, with enough interest. Hero Point train in POF tonight too, for any who are interested.

  • yawnee.5173yawnee.5173 Member ✭✭

    Edited the post to include information on Hero Point trains and fractals groups. A group of us just started doing a beginner-friendly fractals group, if anyone else would like to join :) We usually run them a little after reset.

  • hi! started playing ~8 months ago, took a break, and then recently started getting back into the game. i'd be interested in joining :)

  • yawnee.5173yawnee.5173 Member ✭✭

    Oof sorry i was out of town for a wedding and just saw this. Sent you a message in-game if you're still interested in using one of your guild slots for us :)

  • hey!! new player here, got my first character to lvl80 today and now im looking for a guild, can you help me ?

  • yawnee.5173yawnee.5173 Member ✭✭

    Hey, welcome to Guild Wars :) I can send an invite to you in-game and send a link to our Discord server

  • DeadTreeJig.6714DeadTreeJig.6714 Member ✭✭✭

    Can you send me an invite? I am interested in getting into fractals. Thanks.

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  • yawnee.5173yawnee.5173 Member ✭✭

    Sent :) We're always looking for more people wanting to get into fractals!

  • Updated the message with new details :)

  • Updated with this weekend's activities in Grothmar Valley :)
    Also moved our friday night event up to 10PM.

  • The Halloween festival is upon us!! Join us as we get our spook on :) Our official guild event is this Saturaday at 8pm EST

  • Got a discord? I might be interested.

  • yawnee.5173yawnee.5173 Member ✭✭
    edited October 20, 2019

    Yeah here is a link: https://discord.gg/dgBWBRT

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