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Game freezes during world boss runs

The game freezes everytime there is a lot of people at some location doing world boss. I'm not even to able to close it via task manager since the screen is not redrawn. It happends everytime at location with many people, it's possible to do world bosses sometimes but nowadays is pretty 4 world bosses freeze out of 5. And of course, after relog it's different map, no reward. Really frustrating especially when you wait for the start events minutes and minutes.
I'v checked my box, it's beefy machine with Ryzen 2700x, 32GB of RAM, GTX 1080Ti, and about 50GB free space on every disk. It's updated regularly. I haven't encountered freeze of any other application or game even more dependent on CPU than GW2.
Honestly I don't expect Arena Net to even read this message, after many bugs I reported without no response, but maybe somebody from community could have an idea how to fix this.


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    It's a common occurrence some of us are experiencing lately (see the other threads). For many, it doesn't only happen at World Bosses, but anywhere, any time, and population isn't a factor. It may be due to Tier 1 issues.
    Devs don't really respond to every bug report, as it is more productive to actually work on the bugs.