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How do I access the window control menu?

Every program that creates a window in MS Windows is supposed to have a control menu. It's usually hidden, but can be accessed by clicking in the far upper-left corner of any window. Things on it are minimize, maximize, restore, etc.

Some programs don't have one of these. I would like someone to check to see if the Guild Wars 2 window has one. If so, can you make it pop up by clicking alt-spacebar?

My Guild Wars 2 window is off of my screens to the right. For any other program, I click alt-spacebar and it appears, even if I can't see it. Then I click M (to move) and hit arrow keys until it wanders onto the correct screen. But, Guild Wars isn't working.

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    I found my own answer. No, they didn't code it correctly to Windows' standards. There IS a control menu, but you can't get to it with alt-spacebar.

    But, Windows 10 apparently has a feature where you can shift-right-click to see the control menu. Emergency avoided. Defibrillator not needed. Cancel the 911 call. :)

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