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Main account locked after requesting email/account name change

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Hi, first of all this is not the account i am seeking help on. Due to the paradox loop gw support has put me in i am unable to log into to that account to troubleshoot the issue directly.

Here is my issue in brief, lost access to the free email account tied to my main account (my bad for using one with terrible retention requirements), account continued to work fine, laziness prevented me from chasing up the change immediately, finally i got round to it but due to real life was unable to use the reset email within 24 hours and it expired, whilst trying to recover my account through the client i entered my Heart of Thorns key (i am no longer able to find my original key, it was probably saved in the email i lost access to) and a character name but every time i clicked on submit i received "invalid entries", the code was the correct length.

Please help me recover my main account that is now completely inaccessible anet

Edit: SMS authentication was active on my main account, would have been nice to have been notified via text that i had a reset email waiting especially when my entire account was locked down by not resetting within 24hours.


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    You can contact the CS Team via the 'Support' link above/below and 'Submit a Ticket' for assistance.
    If you are unable to log in, you can use the 'Anonymous' option found on the page.

    Good luck.

  • You have to submit a ticket to ANet. You can do so here, without your credentials.

    Once you do so, the staff will ask you for as much information as you can gather, including the name you used to register, the email address, the nature of the 2FA you chose, and so on. You probably won't be able to address each and every category; you should be able to cover many.

    If it's sufficient, they'll help you update your email and 2-factor authentication. If it's not, they'll say so and suggest additional possible "proof" that you can offer.

    It's a pain, of course, but it's better than it being so easy that anyone who knows a little about you and your account could figure it out and claim ownership.

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    well, account/email change is kinda shady coz anyone can claim that Z's account their account by sending a ticket telling that Z's account is theirs.

    there are ways for anyone to get details from Z's account but thing is that there are identifiers that can really prove that anyone who claim Z's account are false claimants aka excuse my word, thieves.

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  • Thanks for the reply's, I submitted a support ticket anonymously and included a stack of information that would be near impossible to phish. To add to that i have already been through the verification steps on the account that is now locked once before and proved beyond a doubt that i was the original owner. Anets 24 hour email reset window has screwed me over here.
    Support needs to simply go over the correspondence between the provided email on my now locked main account to see that everything is legit, i played for several years on this account and will have no choice but to walk away from the game for good if support can not unlock my main account.

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