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The Greatness That Could Be....



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    Are mmorpgs in the mature stage, perhaps close to the decline stage in product life cycle?

    Are older adults (40+) normally attracted to competitive games?

    Who like competitive games? We look at who streams competitive games and normally you see younger players, younger adults too.

    But, anecdotes aside, how many kids today ( teens, young kids) are going to ask mommy and daddy if Santa is going to buy them a copy of GW2?

    A few maybe, but probably not enough to fuel any real growth from new generations.

    Companies have to rely on the popularity of the mmo genre first, and then consider if they can make it work in that market.

    The growth for GW2 has to come from the market that exists.

    They aim to be great in PVE, but there are other greats too.

    Pieces of a pie they can't take. What really makes GW2 stand out? They only have their share.

    There are other markets to steal from but they don't make those things. What made Guild Wars stand out?

    Soon™ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Regon Phoenix.8215Regon Phoenix.8215 Member ✭✭✭

    GW2 have PVE content? Is there actually people who play this game for crappy PVE where everyone simply build as much damage as they can and your class doesn't matter as long as you can push out good damage?
    Nah, PVE does not exist in this game. At least PVE i would be interested in.

  • Swagg.9236Swagg.9236 Member ✭✭✭✭

    This game's lore has been ravaged until all that remains is a shattered, feeble husk of its former self.
    There is a 0% chance that this game has 13 million players, and anet only uses inflated numbers like that as ad bait. It's not right to count throwaway or single-use trial accounts as part of the playerbase, but anet will do it just to desperately garner attention.
    This game's engine is an absolute spaghetti dinner, and the only remotely interesting mechanics are confined to mount movement, the pre-nerf Spectral Walk and Ride The Lightning respectively, that one Jump Shot attack that players use to reach that island skill point in Lion's Arch, and that one charge-up ice bow attack in the Wintersday arena. Risk-reward and movement are what make engaging "action combat." Since GW2 doesn't deal in raw movement mechanics for PvP, the potential is nonexistent.
    If you want a good story and a quality MMORPG, play FFXIV. If you want positioning-based combat with a high risk-reward, play fighting games or a soulsborne. GW2 offers very little to nothing at all in terms of technical play, role-based strategies or self-expressive playstyles.

  • RedShark.9548RedShark.9548 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @maddoctor.2738 said:

    @Adry.7512 said:
    With this being said, I think that a strong shift in focus needs to be put into this game in those TWO factors, lore and PVP. It’s a risky thing to say for you all because the crowed that this game attracted are very pve casual players, but that’s why this game caps at only 13 million, the others are in other games.

    I think you overestimate the amount of players that like PVP in MMORPGs. Korean open pvp games don't do very well anymore, while even in the juggernaut WoW the PVP servers are far less than the PVE ones, and at the same time they are marked as underpopulated more often. If no MMORPG had any form of PVP anymore, I doubt it would make much of a difference to the global player numbers.

    If no mmo had any pvp anymore, i wouldnt even touch them. What a horrible thing to think about :scream:

  • DoomNexus.5324DoomNexus.5324 Member ✭✭✭

    There are 2 major things that really frustrate me with all this PvE vs PvP (unless I specifically say 'sPvP' I'll include WvW under PvP btw) debate that has been going on for ages.
    1) It all depends on your point of view. Most PvE'ers would argue that GW2 is all and only about PvE. But whenever I open my friendlist probably >80% of them are either active in sPvP or WvW. A lot of players on my friendlist are also just not online anymore because they have no PvE content they are interested in atm. This isn't the case with those on my fl who play competitive. And if I am looking for any farm maps in lfg I rarely find any recently. So from my point of view PvE is dead and only really interesting if you get ez money/ap/skins from a new event or when a new raid wing comes out.
    Just like some people just don't have any interest in playing PvP, I don't have any interest in playing stuff like fractals or living story for example because, while yielding a good amount of gold and stuff, it's just not enjoyable for me.
    So from my point of view PvE is dead and should be abandoned in favor of actually improve sPvP/WvW.

    2) Like others have pointed out already players don't really burn through PvP unlike story or fractals or something. If you've finished all missions the story ends and if you run the same fractal over and over again it gets boring. On the other hand while PvP also is pretty much the same every time, it also feels very different every time you play because of different matchups, different builds, different player skills, different decision making and stuff. So Anet would really only need to put out one proper balance patch and maybe a new map every now or a new game mode for some existing ones or something. A new game mode every 1 or 2 years would probably already be enough.
    But Anet just doesn't put any effort into PvP or at the very least we don't get to know their progress so it seems like they are just delaying everything they've announced for no reason. So ppl keep complaining and keep requesting balance and stuff, it just never happens, that's the problem.. they would only need 1 medium big investment into it and it would run another couple of years probably (if they don't kitten up everything with the next PvE balance patch..)

    So for my part, I'd like to see some major attention to sPvP from Anet (and WvW although I don't really play it but it's almost the same when it comes to lack of attention) only for once to bring it back to life.

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    @Adry.7512 said:

    @tippolit.3591 said:

    @Adry.7512 said:

    @Emberfoot.6847 said:
    I doubt very much there are 13 million players. Accounts maybe, but some people like me have ten 😛
    I do agree that more lore would be nice, but in all honesty Anet's strong point is NOT PvP. I'd def rather they focused on good story /lore/maps etc.

    I agree, but PVP is the pillar that holds the playerbase.

    This thread is replete with comments like this …. opinions put forward as fact.

    No, it’s not.

    Yes, it is.

  • Maddog.3716Maddog.3716 Member ✭✭
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    With the new modes will be a very strong mess. If the current conquest mode is built only on meta because of this, many amulets with characteristics are also turned off and there are problems with balance patch at 3 months. Conquest is just a template nothing more. Imagine what will happen with the new modes and how many new questions to Anet. Most likely there will be no new regimes as they were not in the past. Dev can not in the current conquest to expand the scope of meta I'm afraid to imagine what will happen in the new mode.

    @Aodlop.1907 said:

    Every mmorpg at the level of GW2 has dedicated SIGNIFICANT focus on PvP

    Yeah, WoW has dedicated SIGNIFICANT efforts into destroying PvP after mists of pandaria, removing waves of spells and complex mechanics every new expansion, further dumbing down every single spec in the game.

    I agree only it happened even earlier. When stopped using the ability to swap weapons in melee zone because of uselessness.

  • ZeftheWicked.3076ZeftheWicked.3076 Member ✭✭✭✭

    PvP is huge for fun factor in this game. PvE is generally "build pure dps, unless you're in HoT". It's in PvP that often overlooked skills and defenses actually matter and make a huge difference. Not to mention that players havev completely different attacking patters to open world mobs, forcing different builds and approach to them. Ofc there's inbalance and that's a big problem, but in PvE core necro is a drag to play no matter how you spell it, while in PvP he's actually fun and his kit is not kitten compared to other cores!

    That aspect alone makes spvp worth it for me.

  • Megametzler.5729Megametzler.5729 Member ✭✭✭✭

    This absolutely does not (only) concern PVP. Why was this moved here?

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