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Name weapons/utility skills that are in desperate need of a rework

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    @Phyrak.7260 said:
    Engineer turrets and something done with ele conjures

    What I was going to post. Turrets haven't had a real use since the core game where they got nerfed for PvP. Conjures have always been the clunkiest utilities and whenever they become useful for DPS purposes they always feel bad. You'd rather they'd be useless, which means that their design doesn't work well.

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    entangle needs some change.

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    Personally, I would like all the Mesmer mainland sword skills to get reworked. Auto chain to remove boons is too slow for practical use ever, even under the effects of quickness, adjust to make the strip the second and a 3 stack of vulnerability all applied at the last hit. Blurred Frenzy creates so many balancing issues but now days is just a poor self root most of the time, players just drop traps and ground targeted AoE on the Mesmer when it is used. Illusionary Leap/Swap is so telegraphed and requires the clone to exist when Swap is used, it is so clunky and almost never gets to be used as an actual gap closer or positional adjuster of any kind at all.

    Blurred Frenzy should be a channeled Evade while moving for 1.5 sec that then finishes with a projectile attack (sword throw) that does some base damage and addition for a portion of the damage avoided. This allows the skill to have enough time to avoid some damage but also gives the return of damage a bit more reliability.

    Illusion Leap/Swap needs reliability fixes as well, have the clone apply immobilize for a second when spawned, also it could make a circle ont he ground as the Swap location. That makes Swap work even if the enemy kills the clone, and makes the immobilize more reliable but shorter, so it really can be used to slow enemies down that half second or so (there is a delay before Swap can be used that is fine to remain). Maybe get one auto or start an ability, coupled with the change to Blurred Frenzy this does not create a massive burst window, but does allow for at least a way to use sword and get in an instant point blank Mind Wrack. The major benefit is that it provides a skill with massive options, quick spamming it out makes for a gap closer, carefully timed usage could make for an evasive tool (allowing the immobilize to wear off and them run at you to port to the spot they were at sounds fun and since it doesn’t drop targeting, totally fair as a gap creator).

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    @Justine.6351 said:

    Before it gets another damage nerf the skill's cascade needs to be smoother with no giant gaps in it and a raised animation so people can stop complaining about not seeing it.

    If Anet reduce the spam cor would be fixed :) and game would bebmore towards group skill.

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    All stealth within 240 units needs to look like it does to allies for enemies.

    How many times we gotta tell you GRIND IS NOT CONTENT there ANet?

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    @Kylden Ar.3724 said:
    All stealth within 240 units needs to look like it does to allies for enemies.

    This would be fine if stealths actually broke channeled skills on use. Love popping a stealth just as my enemy hits a targeted channel skill and eating the whole thing in spite of being invisible to the enemy and a mile away.

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    • Necromancer staff/death magic/minions
    • Renegade as a whole
    • Core Revenant could use some sprucing, mallyx could use love as could the majority of them outside of ventari, glint and shiro.
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    Maybe it's because i just suck at using this skill
    Signet of Vampirism

    Will add more

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    Question, how exactly are Necro minions bad?

  • stealth - it needs to be removed
    rev hammer damage - needs toned down
    meteor shower - needs a big buff
    holo - I don't know where to start ...

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    Core Engineer is in desperate need of a complete rework. Especially because it's routinely gutted and then has its abilities either thrown out or repackaged under another line in order to sell bogus elite specs. Rifle sucks. Pistol sucks. Kits suck. Turrets suck. Gadgets suck too and so do elixirs. There isn't a solid option for a power main hand weapon to pair with shield that doesn't involve having to trait holosmith (gag).

    Scrapper and Holo(all elites actually) need to be gutted and rebalanced so that in future any balancing done is done to those lines in isolation. They were only supposed to be adjuncts, changes in flavour, not unequivocally superior in every way to the core of the profession.

    All of these things need to be reworked. But it isn't going to happen. And if by some chance something is done it will be the exact opposite of what the community has been asking for because all of those suggestions shall have been plugged into any other elite but Engineer(this bit goes for most professions also because it's apparently a must in gaming development to be a contrarian d-bag when applying changes to professions).

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    Ele skills....
    Make skills pulse staby instead flat.
    Conjure weapons = LoL
    Ele elite skills = LoL
    Reduce cooldowns of every Utility skill
    Ah ele staff... Increase speed and damage and Reduce cooldowns
    Ele mainhand dagger air 1 Increase range back to its 7 years 300 range... This was the worst change ever... f u Balance team

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    Ele staff. The time you need to land your aa is the time you need to get killed. Who else needs to precast an evade skill + Teleport the furthest away possible to summon some pebbles that take ages to fall + maybe pop a block or stab, just to get yourself killed by retal? Everything ele does is written "kill me now" on it. Except for evade spam troll builds which is written "please don't ignore me, look I can dance".

    Conjures? Sure...
    Core Elites? Better off with any regular utility.
    Pets? LoL

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    Core necro deathshroud. Nuff said.

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    Dragonhunter Bow, Engineer turrets, Ele glyphs cast time and strength + staff, Druid, Rifle Deadeye, Rifle Engie, Rifle Warrior, maybe some additionnal utilities and elites for revenant (here just my opinion, but well legends depending skills, legend elite aren't sufficient, the class is unfinished) And finally a real elite for scrapper, nah stealth isn't elite, more utility.

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    Druid staff skill 1 and 2. They were ok when they had big numbers and cleansed condis. Now they are just annoying. Make 1 a cool combo skill, and number 2 a different skill that cleanses a couple of condis once or that op???
    The sound effect of skill 1 is also annoying, like I hate staff cause of it.

    Druids CA skill 1. Maybe make it rain down something that allies can pick up if the skill does not land (like the orb from revenant class? why do they have that anyways they literally have no casting time? they look like star shards?)...that tiny circle with the delay is just so meaningless and not fun.

    Glyph of the stars. I think it'd be fine if it's like tranquility from WoW with a wide range around the druid. The channel/cd/limited aoe range of it is so unpractical/annoying/not fun especially in a game like gw2. If the effect needs to be toned down in return is something to test.

    The glyphs range in general is annoying.

    Spirits needing a recast to reposition is not fun at all. In wow when totems were instant people still found them annoying. Spirits are unbearable. They were ok when you can just despawn them and the effect lasts a bit. Now...omg just clunky and a chore. Not fun.

    Overall imo, druid right now feels like "since you can heal you should suck" so the gameplay feels punished and unfun. IMO.

    I get the whole trade off thing..but if the trade off is something you feel while playing. It's...not fun why play it other than cause you have to for heals so it's still relevant?

    Especially when other classes are not like that now that you're buffing them.

    Another idea is chronos well trait makes wells affect 10 people now.

  • Druid definitely needs some changes that allow more diverse play styles. Right now all it can do is basically healing. It can't reliably cleanse the group from conditions, it can't protect allies from taking damage in the first place, it can neither deal direct nor condi damage, it can't dish out a lot of cc, it only can generate some might but no other important boons. Obviously as a espec it should focus on something, but healing shouldn't be the only thing it can do. As a more defensive support it could for example hand out other defensive boons to the party like protection, stability or resistance or lower the damage potential of enemies with blinds, chills, cripple and slows. Having the option between pure healing, damage mitigation and prevention with boons and soft cc of enemies would allow more varied play styles while still being true to the druids support character.

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    Engi Turrets need a look at.

    Necro dagger deserves some attention but not ultra important.

    Ranger Torch is a joke.

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    Mesmer weapons: scepter, GS, both swords (probably axe now too xD)

  • Ele staff
    Ele utilities
    Ele elites
    Ele summons
    Ele earth line
    Ele... You know what? Just Ele in general

  • Chronomancer Wells

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    The fact that warrior is the least mentioned is alarming.
    Warrior has the most outdated skills in the entire GW2 game.

    • Banners
    • Physical skills
    • Traits
    • Bugs that have been around for 6+ years.

    Go on, keep playing your mesmers, thieves, eles, rangers...

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    Everything on that list

    Feel free to criticize my suggestions btw

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    Revenant's healing orbs need to be nuked from existence. Sad thing is, they are Anet's very idea of a rework.

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    Maining Guard and Necro these days, so from that perspective:


    Dagger MH



    Summon Bone Fiend -> Rigor Mortis
    Summon Bone Minions
    Summon Flesh Wurm
    Summon Shadow Fiend
    Signet of Spite
    Signet of the Locust
    Signet of Undeath
    Well of Darkness
    Well of Power
    Serpent Siphon

    Purging Flames
    Signet of Judgment
    Hammer of Wisdom
    Shield of the Avenger
    Light's Judgment

    Signet of Courage
    Lich Form

    R.I.P. Build Templates, 15.10.2019

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    I'm surprised this thread has gone this far without anyone mentioning Envoy of Exuberance (or herald shield in general).

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    Engineer turrets and Herald's shield of course.

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    @Hitman.5829 said:
    The fact that warrior is the least mentioned is alarming.
    Warrior has the most outdated skills in the entire GW2 game.

    • Banners
    • Physical skills
    • Traits
    • Bugs that have been around for 6+ years.

    Go on, keep playing your mesmers, thieves, eles, rangers...

    Banners are one of the most recently redesigned skillsets, physical skills were reworked shortly after PoFs release to separate them from bursts.

    Warrior needs work, but don't discredit the work it has already received.

    I'm with the ele crowd, most of its utilities have always been worthless, and those which weren't, ANet has made worthless in a seemingly deliberate attempt to remove the problematic class from the meta of any game mode.

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    A large amount of Warrior weapons could use some real polishing. Beyond that. Maybe engineer turrets.

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    Engineer turrets, particularly in light of the very cool Domain of Kourna turrets you can make - THAT is some 2019 turret gameplay. But removing autos, and having ammo skills they use on current target is best.

    Ele conjured weapons also. Go by charges, not duration?

    Society either needs a turret rework or to free bobby schmurda and I wonder which comes first?