★☆ EU Guild "Court of the Mythical Beasts" [MYTH] is recruiting! ☆★ — Guild Wars 2 Forums

★☆ EU Guild "Court of the Mythical Beasts" [MYTH] is recruiting! ☆★

We are a guild started by friends looking to spread our wings by welcoming new players and veterans alike! We pride ourselves on being understanding and friendly to all! We are LGBTQ+ & mental health friendly. ^^

~ Guild Hall ~ Guild Missions ~ Guild Events ~
~ Training Raids ~ Fractals ~ Dungeons ~ PvP ~ WvW ~
~ Active Discord ~ League of Legends ~

Please comment, pm me here or on Discord (tea#4853) with your answers to our recruitment questions. Or any questions you may have about/for us! ^^

  1. Why do you play Guild Wars 2?
  2. If you could be any Guild Wars 2 NPC who/what would you be and why?
  3. If you could be any animal what would you be and why?

(Note: Discord is a requirement for full guild involvement, however joining voice chat / speaking is not pressured upon anyone, we have a text channel so members can type to the others in voice chat in case they are not feelings like talking.)

tea ~
Guild Leader of Court of the Mythical Beasts


  • Hello

    Tea, I have tried to message you on discord but it says you do not accept messages from others then friends, I have left a friend request though
    And in here I see no option of PM you :(

    Any other way we can get into contact ?


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