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Fashion Wars 2 - New Hairstyles/ Facial Hair Please!

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We're quite dry in the hairstyle department and actual facial hair that isn't clownish or plain boring.
I had another hairstyle thread that I'd hoped would stay up longer, but alas, it did not.
We also need another fine example of hats with hair. Yes, There was 1 hat released that is fancy musketeer hat that changes hair per race-- it's beautiful and something not often seen in MMO's, aside from black desert, blade & soul & Final Fantasy XIV
I'd like some Hoods with hair.

Hairstyle Examples:
1. Female Hair 1
2. Female Hair 2
3. Female Hair 3
4. Female Hairstyle 4
5. Female Hairstyle 5

Something you noticed about all of these female styles? THEY ALL HAVE BANGS. YES! NO MORE UGLY FOREHEADS THAT DON'T FIT CHARACTER FACES!

Male Beards/ Hairstyles
1. Male Hairstyle 1
2. Male Hairstyle 2
3. Male Hairstyle 3
4. Male Hairstyle 5
5. Male Hair/ Facial
6. Male Beard
7. Male Beard
8. Men Facial Hair

Please post examples of hairstyles & beards you'd support and even buy makeover kits for!


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