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I don't know if any dev will see this or not or if I'm even going about this the right way, I was just directed to the forums. Anyway I represent the guild The Mist Wardens [TMW] on YB (prior to was TC, then DR, etc...) and we've been around for going on 5 years of continuous play. We learned that with the new LS there are Mist Warden NPCs which is super cool because it ties our guild a little closer to the game. I'm here to make a request which may be waaaay out of the question but it doesn't hurt to ask. We ask that, since the Mist Warden NPCs, we'd like our guild to be tied to it somehow and were wondering if you could do something like make some arbitrary Mist Warden NPCs to represent some of the guild or something like that. Like I said, it may not be even on the table but after having this guild for 5 years and then seeing the name become canon, it was kind of exciting. Either way thank you for your time!


  • TMW WvW > TMW PvE (seriously they're bad)

    imm0rtal - YB4life

  • I was so excited when I found the Mist Wardens outpost in the latest Living World Episode; for the first time Repping my World V World guild in PvE meant something.

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    That's out of question i think...I am the leader of Balthazar Order...imagine my request...and all the guilds that include an aspect of the game in their name.

  • @Nury.3062 It probably is, but I figured if I was gonna ask I might as well ask in earnest.