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HoT Hearts and Minds CM should become dungeon

tlenex.7901tlenex.7901 Member ✭✭

Few years after HoT expansion it is very hard to team up for Migraine achi - mainly because it is so non-rewarding and hard to access for a group.

Things could drastically change if we'd provide additional access to it in form of a 5 player party, full'y featured Dungeon with combination of allies and/or attack lines to the instance.
Just like Story/Explorable in Arah Dungeon and fighting Zaithan.

What do you think?


  • Vinceman.4572Vinceman.4572 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Too few people are interested in doing it and even more doing it repeatedly. Rewards won't help here because the fights are not breathtaking or special. It's just another achievement to be done, mostly for achievement hunters and that's it, like so many other AP stuff.
    To get a team for this I recommend friends, guild mates and standing in front of the instance since there are almost always some people doing it. Additionally you can ask in communities/discords to get it done.
    We all rather have their effort put into new stuff and not things from like 4 years ago.

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  • I'm not against ANet changing Hearts & Minds or even merely adjusting Migraine. All the same, I don't think it's a high priority 4 years after HoT launched because those who need it done can (and do) still get help to do so, even if takes longer to find someone.
    And if they do change it for the stated reasons, then I think it's far simpler to adjust the wonkier mechanics than to go out of their way to turn it into a dungeon.

    I'm also not against ANet adding more dungeons, except for the opportunity costs (if they work on dungeons, that means less time spent on raids or fractals, which I think end up serving more people for longer periods than do dungeons that aren't connected to the Aerdrome or Fractal hubs).
    And if they do work on dungeons, I'd much rather see a new story than a retelling of an old one.

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  • The instance is too short to make a suitable dungeon.
    It should also be noted that with these days power- and booncreeps you don't necessarily need a full group to do the achievement. Thanks to the Adrenal Mushroom in the fighting area, you can do a lot of broken stuff, for example keep up Time Warp on Chrono for 66% of the time with no boon duration, double use your heal skills etc etc.
    The hardest part about the fight is still the gliding.