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[Anvil Rock] Guild LF Recruits! [WvW] [Raids] [Fractals] [Social]

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New to the game? Veteran player with tons of knowledge and achievement points? Regardless of your experience, Dungeon of Love [DOVE] wants you to join us! We are a newly formed guild based in Anvil Rock who were founded by a group of friends who wanted to experience and conquer Guild Wars 2 together! Coming from a hardcore raider’s background in other games, but not enjoying the idea of being forced to play all the time, our guild was created to welcome all sorts of players, whether your interest be in dealing a decisive blow to the enemy team or fighting a bunch of crazy cat golems!

This guild is to serve as a lighter, more casual guild for people who love the game enough to want to do content together (not just run pugs all the time, pugs are fun, but friends are more fun ;3) yes, we have plans for content, but we want to build a strong basis first and foremost!

We have a variety of interests, including Raiding, PvP, WvW, Fractals, Dungeons as well as community events and guild missions! We are currently planning on doing Fractals, Dungeons for low levels/story, helping out low levels grind through certain areas (while gathering mats, you know the two birds in one stone thing), and very soon Guild Quests together! We really are interested in people who would like to grow with us, sociability is our main priority :)

We have a strong following in Malaysia/Singapore, but also NA/EU members, so there’ll always be someone to help out, or just chat with!

We are an upstart, so we have no official times or schedules for events, BUT if you're looking for a home while still at home, or wondering if [DOVE] is right for you, please DM myself, Moonfang.2307 or KatspawZ.4739 in game! Or reply right here and one of us will check up regularly!


  • Come join us for WvW reset!

  • I'm down, I mainly do fractals and world boss but im looking to try new things

  • Been trying to find a guild i can join to do Raiding, PvP, WvW, Fractals, Dungeons and even Achievement and help with maps if possble not new just returning after a year break or so and would love to find a group of people i can call friends and do anything and help others when needed . Play time for me is on and off doing the week with work but weekends am all open and can be on most likely . I just bought Path of fire and is so lost trying to do thorns maps and also fire maps so lost lol . Only thing sucks am on darkhaven so i would have to wait a bit to do wvw with you guys .

  • I sent you both in-game mail! Hope to hear back from you both soon <3

  • Can I join too? :D

  • Sent you an ingame mail merong! Hope to hear back from you soon :)

  • Doing guild missions and fractals soon! Come join us and meet the fam!

  • We are still looking for recruits to fill our ranks for RAID content! Experienced or fresh, we will learn together!

  • This morning we are doing dailies together, and our fractals! Come stop by and get your loot :3c

  • Thanks to everyone who stopped by for guild event- world bosses! Hope to see you again soon!

  • Me Please! I want in-game friends to run around and play with! I promise I'll be nice! ;-)

    Vet with 2 Lvl80 (1 War 1 Nec) avatars and so much left to do on this game i'm getting overwhelmed on my own...


  • what's the raiding like in the guild? :)

  • @Salmonella Samurai.1782 hey there! We haven't started raiding as a guild yet, still working on getting some members geared and familiar with their rotations :) But we're sure to begin soon!

  • Okay, cool, I like the sound of your guild, I'll add you in game and message you when I see you on :)

  • Hi, I am a returning player from Singapore and I like to join your guild.

  • Hi there! I'm a new-ish player, barely hitting lvl 80 and I've done pretty much no group content. What time zone is your guild based out of? I can never seem to find anyone who has guild events after 8:00pm PST :(

  • hi, from singapore and will like to join your guild

  • Hey, popped up at the mention of SEA and Singapore, 1yr+ player with 5 level 80s, looking for some group content. Am I able to join?

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