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Searching flexible class (Revenant?)

I am backed to gw2 from break and searching flexible class for each content to main. I have taught about Revenant and wanna ask you for your opinion about this class. Primarily I want go Fractals and Raids. Which ways can I go with Revenant? Is this only supporting class or can I go for example condi dmg or something? Please tell me something about it ;)

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  • Auburner.6945Auburner.6945 Member ✭✭✭
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    Revenant can play either a cDPS, or a support when the cDPS is pointless or when the fight doesn't favor the cDPS of Revenant because it slowly ramps up.

    It's a powerful cDPS on fights it's made for; now a great Alacrity/buffer/healer/boon/CC support which can choose what to do depending on the encounter. Support Renegade is now meta as Chrono keeps on falling to where it's now called a boon slave which extends boons and provides some of them.

    It's more of a support class when it comes to PvE, and for raids and fractals - only Renegade shines out of the entire class.

    For something highly flexible - Guardian. It can play as a pDPS, a cDPS or as a hybrid support and even a healer support, and at least each of these builds is meta at something in raids/fractals.

    If you enjoy playing Elementalist; it can also play multiple roles, but it mainly shines as a pDPS, and is good cDPS lately on non-toughness-tanking encounters (cDPS rotation is unforgiving though and is of the hardest rotations). As a support, it struggles with Chrono/Druid/Renegade/Firebrand existence because it can't come as near, so it's not a meta pick, however, it should be a somehow viable option. It's because it can neither provide offensive buffs nor Alacrity/Quickness, even low CC capabilities.

    I would've picked Revenant as a main for PvE if only it had a viable pDPS option, but sadly it doesn't and when it comes to cDPS, its build up is so slow vs something like a Mirage or even a Weaver, but this slow build up is favorable at some encounters.

    If you won't mind Guardian, I would opt for it, then I would look for Revenant before Elementalist (mainly DPS) or Mesmer (Boonslave jail/cDPS, pDPS is mistaken to be a Support Chrono mostly). The choice is yours in the end, so I would recommend checking videos and raid comps before choosing.

    A good website for that is which will allow you to understand each of the classes more with some videos for encounters.

  • nexblackheart.3471nexblackheart.3471 Member ✭✭
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    Flexible classes actually are quite a long list for a few reason. Regardless of how you wanna do it, it is better to opimize builds to specific roles, whether it be power, condi, healer, whatever else you need. Gonna try to keep it a bit short but no promises!

    Has a condi, power, and support healer build. Scourge is a pretty easy condition class to play and can pull decent numbers if you are going for a more optimized build. Scourge also has a healer/support build that can still do okay damage but supplies large amounts of barrier as well as might. Reaper is a decent power class, easy to play and kinda fun too.

    Similar to necro, has a condi, power, and healer build. Soulbeast has both a condi and power build available for it, both are easy to play and not terrible. Very begin friendly class. Druid is basicly as you would expect as a pure healer, supplies good might and fury uptimes too.

    Has the condi and healer, but it also has a hybrid boon dps build. Renegade makes for a very strong (though hard to master) condi build as well as healer. Healer has low sustain healing but very strong burst healing while also supplying alacrity. The third build sacrifices some of your damage as a dps for just supplying alacrity.

    Actually has a lot of builds with condi, power, healer, and two boon dps builds. Dragonhunter is a very good power dps class, easy to play, easy to learn. Firebrand is also a very good condi dps class, sadly i don't know.much about it just because the build just become more viable with recent patches. Firebrand also make a very good healer supplying strong heals and quickness but you loss range with the potency of the healing. It also has hybrid builds for condi and power for quickness upkeeping.

    This class is a bit more complicated so if you wanna learn it may be a little harder to pick up. Has a condi, power, and boon bot build. Both it's condi build with mirage and power build with chrono is very good, but a bit harder to pick up. Chrono also is a decent boon bot, recent nerfs have made it a bit worse but it still can supply decent amounts of both quickness and alacrity as well as share any other boons it has.

    Hope this helps!

  • zaswer.5246zaswer.5246 Member ✭✭✭
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    If youre interested in raid you should see the different benchmarks posted in youtube (either by snow crows or by other youtubers),and if youre interested in revenant but youre not sure about its power dps builds you can see Majestic Noodle as he has both a video with power herald and power renegade ,also he has videos of suport clases as firebrand and alacrigade.

  • Buran.3796Buran.3796 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    @Patryk.1269 said:
    I am backed to gw2 from break and searching flexible class for each content to main. I have taught about Revenant and wanna ask you for your opinion about this class. Primarily I want go Fractals and Raids. Which ways can I go with Revenant? Is this only supporting class or can I go for example condi dmg or something? Please tell me something about it ;)

    Is easily the least flexible and versatile class in the game. You can't freely select the utilities you use due the skills from 6 to 10 are linked to an especific legend, which oftenly also dictates which traitlines you should select as "optimal". At the begining the sills needed mostly to pay the energy cost to be casted, but nowadays most of them have time cooldowns on top of that. The class had only one good PvP build in 3.7 years (power Herald), which remains mostly the same but slower and duller to play, with a single dominant WvW build (hammer Herald) whereas in PvE raids uses mostly a condition Renegade build which requires completely different gear stats and weapons. Each one of those three builds performs poorly in their other niches.

    I would say that Guardians and Mesmers are the most versatile classes; lots of room for customization and plenty of alternative builds to fill different roles.

  • ZeftheWicked.3076ZeftheWicked.3076 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Necro and Rev should be on top of your list. Healing, power, condi..blah blah blah - they got it. So do others. No shockers here.
    What you really wanna focus on are things that are needed in fractals badly, but come in short supply. And these badboys come prepared:

    1. Revenant. - imho the most verstatile guy out there. Here are few things he brings to the table where others might struggle:

    • tons of high uptime, low cost projectile hate. "We bleed fire" instability up? You'll be glad you chose rev!
    • party resistance. Siren's Reef says hi. It's costly, it's simple, it's just one skill..but it works.
    • boon corrupt. "No pain no gain" fractals are gonna be horrid without boon hate. Banish enchantment has you covered there

    2. Necromancer. - making your party that much more beefy in life or in obvious boon hate.

    • nr 1 boon hate profession hands down
    • no one serves big, fat, party approved barriers but the necro
    • There's necro ressing with transfusion...and then there's attempts at ressing by everyone else.
    • quite often is the last man standing due to natural tankyness...and then look point above this one.


  • Patryk.1269Patryk.1269 Member ✭✭

    Thank you for such a helpful answer ;) The last thing must have to be done is create hero and go leveling :D Have a nice day ^^