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11 Years Old and Sad - NO Title?!?! :( 1.0.0

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From a Forum Post .... couldn't agree more.😢


"Dear Arenanet,
I am not sure who or where to address this, but I guess here in the forums I will make my first ever post.
I have loved GW2. I have been playing for over 10 years. I have put literally thousands of hours and hundreds of dollars into the game. When I found out that for 11 years of playing we would not be receiving a title, I was completely heartbroken. For those of us who have been playing since the beginning, those "birthday" titles are one of the main motivators to continue playing. The titles represent all of the time and energy that has been put into the world of GW2.
For me, it feels as though the focus of Arenanet has completely shifted towards gaining new players, while forgetting about those of us who have kept the game running and relevant for the past 10+ years.
There is nothing more valuable to me in the game than that exclusive, yearly title. I feel as though for the very first time I have a reason to pull back from GW2. I feel completely unappreciated as a player.
I hope that this message get's passed along to the right eyes. I apologize if I come across as whiney or ungrateful but this has absolutely devastated me. 
I beg you to reconsider and add a title for 11 years of playing. Those of us who have supported and endorsed the game for over a decade truly deserve it.

Ty as always,


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