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  1. It's more than that just Dragonstorm. There's been more occurrences of inconsistent rendering since EoD launch even with DX9. Some AoEs (e.g. vomit under giants in Harvest Temple and field underneath Ankaa in Junkyard) and telegraph circles (e.g. slam/wave attack during Dragon's End meta) won't render the first time they hit. I have a feeling it's probably to do with asset loading performance. Is your gw2.dat file on an SSD? I'm still running into the same issues with an SSD but I feel the frequency is less compared to my mechanical drive friends.
  2. I thought I ran into the same problem too, but after opening all the bouncy chests on the bottom right, I got the achievement. I right-clicked all my bouncy chests though to skip the dialog showing contents.
  3. For some maps like Queensdale, there are many places where the skiff can easily run aground when following water. I don't know if it's worth making those areas deeper, but it's pretty annoying trying to go down certain rivers. For example, sailing from Western Divinity Dam to Lake Delavan to Eastern Divinity Dam in Queensdale is difficult if not impossible.
  4. I got the badge from the Champion Sarin event in Old Kaineng City.
  5. I just got the Badge of the WIllbender drop from the Champion Sarin event in New Kaineng City. It was around "Field Notes 3" in Old Kaineng. Time to get your weapon. 🙂 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/140245369224298496/952431791787089920/unknown.png
  6. As far as I can tell, the bot only triggers on items coming into your inventory. If you have junk items already in your inventory, the bot won't work on them.
  7. I can confirm that it's working again. Just got 2 jade slivers and the message in chat "your jade bot recycled some junk."
  8. Has there been any official communication on disabling the recycler? Should we just remove the module and use something else in the meantime to at least get some QoL out of the jade bot slot?
  9. 1) It is entirely possible that it's the same issue but some were lucky to not get hit by it in beta 2 but unlucky in beta 3. 2) We're not entitled to any explanation, though I would be very interested in a postmortem. It could very well be the same cause but they are now embarrassed to admit it. I'm concerned if they are just shooting off betas to meet some schedule set by management for betas instead of actually taking the time to develop a beta worth testing. Releasing a known buggy beta to the masses just wastes developer time. I wouldn't be annoyed if it was opt-in an
  10. 1. Considering the wrong team bug affects the experience of users for a core feature without any sort of workaround, I would argue it's high severity. And it does affect some number of users. A high severity bug affecting a fair number of users should be a release blocker for betas. They had a chance in beta 2 to fix it and add enough debug info to verify it's been fixed. Most of the issues were found in beta 1. We're at beta 3 and the same bugs are still showing up. 2. That reasoning is acceptable for beta 1. Probably acceptable for beta 2. By beta 3, they should have identified t
  11. "Ship a beta to test basic functionality that continues to be broken from previous betas." Nah, bruh. That's not how development works.
  12. Yeah, like the basic feature. And this is just players who care enough to complain. I know others who just took a break from the game for a week.
  13. I think the same logic that excuses issues with the beta can excuse any issues caused by attempted fixes with a tool. It's a beta.
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