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  1. So because thief is thief, thief should be allowed to have unlimited tries, remove all blocks, bait dodges all while remaining in stealth and still get the backstab in without losing anything in return because… it’s thief?
  2. The only problem with conditions is the ones that can stack burst levels of condi. It’s intended to be DoT, but some specs apply so many stacks that it becomes a burst. Confusion , burn and torment come to mind. also about the condi roamer meta.. dude. Imagine if you got pulled into a nade bomb. You’d be dead before you could start clearing the condis from cherald. It’s not really the condis in that situation, it’s the aoe spam and supports.
  3. I’m all for removal of gliding and mounts.. and downed state.. but definitely not food and asc gear.
  4. When I go stealth on my soulbeast and miss an attack while in stealth, my skills actually go on cooldown unlike yours. LMAO. and all classes except thief have a limited amount of stealth available wheras thief can just stay stealthed until their backstab is ready again.
  5. Since I’m really bored At work today I’m gonna give you a brief overview of the very basics. In the wvw menu you can see all the wvw maps in a current matchup. The team colors aren’t important, but you can be on any color. Matchups last 1 week from friday to Friday. You might be red team 1week, blue the next. Eternal Battleground is a map that is evenly divided between all 3 teams, each have the same amount of camps towers and keeps, with a massive keep in the middle of the map that is being fought over. As for the borderlands, each team have their own map. Bord
  6. You know what commanders tag looks like on minimap? That’s how you find players. If there’s no tag , ask in /team chat where the people or fighters are at. The reason I ask you to watch tutorial is because you seem to not have a basic understanding of the game mode in the first place, not even the menus and maps. It’s important to understand this before you go out on your own. Wvw can be somewhat of a sandbox gamemode, so if you don’t know what’s going on, wvw will feel very empty and boring to you even tho there might be huge fights going on without you even realizing it.
  7. Eh, seeing how slow they are with balance this could take years. They already started on it, then stopped. Look at berserker, pretty much unviable cus it’s the only one that got significant tradeoffs while most classes got very very minor tradeoffs or none at all lol
  8. I’m more interested in what kinda skills they will bring and how it will affect soulbeast + new spec. Ranger especs are always a bit more exciting than other classes cus we can use new pets with old specs and vice versa. It would be nice with some pet skills that are user ground targeted.. but the exact effects I’m not sure what I think would be nice.
  9. This is a good idea but it would require a lot of work that anet isn’t willing to do. They should’ve done this from the get go. I’ve played many other mmos that have these tradeoffs in their spec/build/traits/talent trees, and it makes perfect sense. Anet is kind of an outlier in this respect and it’s why we have some builds that both have high dmg and high sustain at the same time.
  10. Ik there are decent necros who are able to stay alive for quite a while on tb stats , but the vast majority die rather quickly. Again, what spec are you on? With a good amount of cleanse from traits and utilities + sigils coupled with cc and you should be able to melee a scourge np when their elite is gone. if you’re talking about core nec, well you’re supposed to stick to them as much as you can so.. trying to kite them is a bad idea.
  11. Lol, what class are you playing? As long as scourge doesn’t have their elite really can’t do much if you run a bit of condi cleanse in your build + cleansing sigil. Core necro is better for defending while calling for help in mapchat, and reaper gets screwed as soon as he runs out of stab.. so
  12. Eh. I think there are bigger things to be concerned with regarding this game littered with problems in every game mode. Also, we all know Guardian is anets love child, not mesmer. Mesmer isn’t even that great, relies on busted stat combos to be effective (tb) but those are available on all classes.
  13. Anet needs to remove EWP or increase the cooldown of EWP by like 200%.
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