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  1. Other than res traits and skills there is literally 0 balance correlated to DS. That’s a myth. also, stop it with the whole “oh you don’t like this one thing about the game? Just go play a different game “ Ah yes, criticism is bad and we should never strive to make the game better in any way lulz.
  2. Yea, duh, I think it’s stupid and I’ve laid out my reasons why I think it’s stupid, failing to persuade you. But you are doing the same thing lol. i just disagree. But if you’ll meet me half way and remove the invuln at the start of DS , and nerf the res speed by like 33% I’ll be happy with that.
  3. You can still res them from dead.. happens all the time.. being too afraid to push has also been a thing since release. it’s not about “being good enough to play around the downed mechanics and win” my guy. It’s that we shouldn’t HAVE TO. Do you honestly think everyone who says “DS is bad“ loses only because of that, and they are bad players? No, lots of ppl can play around it, but some of us can still acknowledge how stupid it is to have that in a pvp game mode with unequal team sizes. it’s like… I can acknowledge a lot of things about soulbeast or ranger are
  4. Just buff other druid GM traits to make them worth running, ancient seeds is very mediocre considering the rest of druids kit sucks, it’s the only thing keeping it somewhat not terrible.
  5. Downed state carries bad players , the more nerfs it gets the better.
  6. I thought you said players are too lazy these days and then you just quit? Good argument, hope i see you ingame some time.
  7. You already screwed up hard enough to go down in the first place. Why should you get an invul? Despite playing the game since 2013 this is the first time I’ve had more than a single hour to play during no downed week. Downed state is a huge gimmick. You kittened up, you failed, you should be dead. If you don’t like that, go play cookie clicker or use dura runes with commander stats or something. there’s literally no “down”side to no downedstate (heh). Res skills and traits shouldn’t even exist in the first place. Supports job is to keep ally ALIVE and not bring them back
  8. Any build with good or decent access to condi cleanse will deal with a druid NP. Slot cleansing sigil in wvw and bam you get 3 cleanses every 9s. Add a few cleanses from traits or utility and you’re good. Idk what to tell you. If you struggle vs druid this much, it’s l2p. There are plenty of builds that can be very oppressive in a 2v1 situation, but druid 1v1 is garbo. It has no dmg, very low sustain and very squishy.
  9. Uhh, YES you can cleanse the roots. But you need to be aware of 2 things: 1, you must move AS you press your cleansing skill, otherwise you will be stuck. This is because the root re-applies immobilize every second. But, as long as you move.. you will be out of the range of the root, even if you get another 1s proc of immobilize. After the last proc and you’re outside the root, you are free. This also means if you use 2 cleanses in quick succession you are gonna be unrooted and cleansed, thus guaranteed to get free right away. 2, damaging the root and killing it
  10. Maybe one day anet will realize it’s pretty easy to balance some parts of wvw.. just hit the button and make no downedtate permanent lol
  11. No, if one side is being heavily pressured by the other, dishing out minimal damage because they have to kite to stay alive and can’t counter pressure, there is a pretty clear winner in terms of what build is actually strongest.
  12. It’s actually going to be a challenge ( I haven’t seen the fights btw) cus my build is somewhat vulnerable with 0 added toughness and only weapon swap for condi dmg cleanse. I haven’t had the time to put my sustain setup back together as I’ve been kittening around too much with strange builds and stats on my 2nd gear set. But surely he’ll get a run for his money. It’s basically polar opposites. He’s a tanky sustain kiter and I’m eat or be eaten, all-in dmg soulbeast lol.
  13. I’ll take the bet. I think my pure dmg soulbeast setup has a good chance of downing you despite having 0 condi cleanse from traits or skills. I’ll be on tonight NA prime time around reset.
  14. Broken stat sets don’t make the weapons stronger.
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