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  1. I have a personal preference for playing glass. So ill happily trade sustain for more damage. I could play boonbeast and have about 75% of the same damage but 100% more sustain. i just choose not to do that cus i dont think its fun. and i never said you cant or shouldnt play druid, play whatever you like. but my point this whole time is that objectively speaking druid isnt as strong as soulbeast is.
  2. 1, objectively speaking, soulbeast has more damage both condi and power. 2, soulbeast can stomp from stealth too. 3, soulbeast has more cleanses than druid does, and does NOT NEED to sacrafice ANYTHING to gain celestial avatar. if you think getting CC chained is rare, buddy, i think you must be fighting a bunch of very bad players. it happens all the time. especially if youre outnumbered. 4, if you have to switch to tanky pets just to avoid them dying, then thats another downside of druid. cus then youre not running the pets you want to. 5, druid can indeed kite better
  3. Man... okay, listen. what do YOU want to do while roaming? i wanna fight other players and win. i want to win the fight before more enemies show up. I wanna be able to get out of a tricky situation where im outnumbered or a blob is trying to run me over. if you wanna troll, thats fair. but druid doesnt fight better than soulbeast and thats been our point this whole time. Druid suffers from projectile blocks ALSO, so i dont see what your point is about that at all? unless ... are you trying to kill people with staff auto attacks? cmon dude. what a meme. As for the sco
  4. Ended up finishing my newest vid instead. i can still make a new one tomorrow about the druid differences. I'll be doing a dps comparison and going over traits, downsides etc. Even tho its gonna be on power, it will still show you what im talking about @Gotejjeken.1267
  5. While most people consider blobbing / large guild fights to be the main combat style, Roaming is very fun too. I know a fair amount of people who do both styles. Roaming offers some more build variety and its great for learning your class. Its especially fun with 1-3 friends 🙂
  6. Okay. I'll make a short video where i demonstrate the issues with druid. I Don't currently have a template swap or gearset ready for condi ATM cus i decided it wasnt worth while at all since condi ranger in wvw just doesnt work well, So youll have to bare with me when i try to explain the troubles druid has when compared to soulbeast. if you could just send me the build in question tho, ill go over that in the video as well.
  7. They need a rework. the f act that the traits got semi removed/ nerfed into the ground was a good thing. i dont want them back. i dont think a lot of people do either. they need to be changed to do something else entirely.
  8. Well, I certainly don’t think it’s healthy for the game to be toxic to this extent. But saying anybody will become this toxic just by playing wvw for a while also isn’t true. Only some , very sad people end up with this level of toxicity/ stupidity. And they will get to that point regardless of how long they play for.
  9. I was specifically trying to avoid having personalities be any part of this, however you mentioned Vallun first. regardless, I’m not saying you can’t play druid or that it’s completely unviable especially for solo. It’s just that.. other than condi builds, anything power related, soulbeast does better than druid. And condi druid loses to soulbeast, technically speaking. If we assume equal skill ofc. soulbeast has too much access to immob cleanses, and cleanse in general. Druid really doesn’t deal much damage unless you can abuse ancient seeds. And soulbeast has access to a
  10. You trynna smash @Shroud.2307?? 😳 No but seriously. As someone who has made roaming videos for years, and i have other friends who have done the same, everyone in that sphere KNOWS that roaming vids mean absolutely nothing. Some of my friends deliberately play bad builds just to show off epic trickshots or show off skill for that ONE clip they can post in their montage, even if they have to die 100 times to get the clip. You dont post the 100s of times you die playing a build, you post the wins. Some ppl only post the really, really good clips too. but we all die, all the time. ( unless
  11. Please dont tell me youre using vallun as an example of a good player knowing how to use ranger.... please.. lol. Druid are not very common in wvw. you srsly want me to make a montage of me killing druids? would would that prove exactly? if anything i should make a video explaining in detail the differences between the specs and why soulbeast , as it is currently, is superior in pretty much every metric that means something when it comes to wvw. The only aspect i can really see that druid has an advantage in is AOE. it has some AOE dazes, AOE stealth. it has ancient seeds.. yep. b
  12. I really dont want to sound demeaning or anything, but this is just a terrible idea imo. The last thing we need is more passive effects. maybe if you kept these changes to pve ONLY i wouldnt mind them, but why complicate things even further? is it really that hard for some people to press a button on their keyboard? I already see an occasional soulbeast in wvw using MM and running the signet trait + utility, and its a pain in the butt. I dont see why we need to cater so much to players who seemingly want to play this game and enjoy it but.. are unable to press a button? gw2 is t
  13. I have played condi druid myself multiple times. It's not even close in comparison to a power soulbeast. I have taken the time to learn how to play it properly in various configs. it just doesnt have the damage that soulbeast does. It has the same mobility as soulbeast too. if you play trapper runes youll get revealed trying to run away. and stealth is the only meaningful sustain druid has.
  14. It’s aight lol. But yea. What are we gonna do. They gonna use lb#4 regardless, not much we can do about it. It’s up to them to use it properly.
  15. Wvw perspective: Druid more dangerous than slb… I’m laughing my kitten off. Soulbeast has literally DOUBLE the weapon damage while merged, druid heals heal the same as the regen boon which means pretty much nothing, AND you have to work around the CA regeneration aspect. Druid is a complete joke in wvw and only works against newbies who have very very little cleanse. so to reiterate: slb has more dmg, more than DOUBLE the stab, far more damage reduction. And druid has what? Ancient seeds? It doesn’t even have more cleanse when you consider you have to run specific runes or
  16. I never said “always start lb#4 even in group combat”, I just explained a very very basic rotation, lol. If you’re a newbie in group combat you’re not expected to play well or optimally anyway, you’re probably gonna lose regardless. Sure you are correct but often times if you have quick reactions lb#4 is more of a boon than a curse even in groups cus you can interrupt enemy at range whereas pretty much only thief can do that with quick reaction, and they only have 600 range on DD whereas ranger has 1200. So you interrupt target before enemy can hurt your ally, or run away. The KB als
  17. Go play wvw and tell me boonbeast doesn’t work anymore lmao.
  18. Yes, obviously I am for removing those builds as well lol. I’m just saying we need to acknowledge that the skill (dolyak) is busted and does too many things at once and in some ways is the icing on the cake that makes boonbeast so disgusting, let alone regular ws bm slb builds that have high boon uptime and use it. i will say this tho: I would be ok with anet nerfing slb first so they can see how busted holo/scrapper is and then nerfing it after the fact. I find more enjoyment in playing a weaker spec and losing occasionally than playing braindead boons. As long as the nerfs come for
  19. When was the last time you met a boonbeast in wvw playing dolyak protect me? That setup is so incredibly stupid and requires 0 skill to play and win a 1v1 with. If by excel in 1v1 you mean turning your brain off while chipping your opponents health down then i want nothing to do with it. I think a lot of ppl will agree sustain based metas and builds + boons = bad time and unbalanced gameplay vs someone who doesn’t invest their life savings into getting 50% boon duration and 2800+ armor.
  20. Since this is tips for mechanics: 1, don’t use your block until the warrior is casting shield bash , gs5 or bulls charge. 2, be extremely careful of when you’re casting skills to avoid wasting attacks because 3, avoid Proccing FC at all while in melee 4, save dolyak stance (if you run it) for if he has the rampage elite. 5, bait dodges or blocks with LB auto attacks, only use LB skills if he’s on GS and you have a feeling for his endurance Bar. then follow up but beware he might chain blocks into an evade if he thinks you can time his block properly.
  21. Dolyak stance does indeed need a nerf. I wouldn’t call all of slb a meme though, there are lots of variations that don’t rely on cele stats. Power WS with durability is quite common. And also very hard to kill 1v1.
  22. How is boonbeast a meme build tho, lol. Like if I was giving out my glass setup that I run 90% of the time sure that’s questionable… but ws bm ranger is Like THE standard. Only NM variant can beat it but it has very little condi cleanse so…
  23. Boonbeast or any WS lb gs build with durability rune will be able to do these things. You’re kidding yourself if you think otherwise
  24. Why am I getting “confused” reactions here?
  25. Just for the record, I’m not accusing you of being a ranger hater and I actually think ranger needs sustain nerfs. I was simply trying to explain. Didn’t see the previous screen of his buffs sorry. a bit surprised he didn’t have any bloodlust stacks tbh. But I’ll admit i didn’t realize there was this armor bug , so my bad.
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