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  1. It was trash until the buff, now it's borderline playable and look at the complaints
  2. TL:DR: - The power coefficient of all relevant skills of non-EoD meta power specs has been nerfed by a random value between 10% and 20%
  3. I would rather see an herald in my team comp than a WB, and i'd rather see a WB in the enemy team than an herald, which i belive says a lot. Seriously, the versatility and evade/block/dmg convert uptime on rev is something guards in general can only dream of. WB has higher damage, but clunky and telegraphed, and it has more cleanses because you are stuck eating up dmg most of the time since you don't have nearly as much block/evade uptime. Rev has sword 3, staff 3, staff 5 and infuse light to rotate between, guard has 2 seconds of invuln on 105 sec cd and that's it if y
  4. I don't know if this has been written before but i don't wanna read 7 pages of this so, Years of balance in PvP are a quite vivid proof of the fact that removing or nerfing stat combinations doesn't solve kitten, you can literally mix combinations and have the same results anyway in WvW, so please, let's not bring the "remove everything with toughness/vitality+healing power" here. Really, trust me, it won't bring any good. Heal/tank and support were always in the same role in wvw (mostly as guardian) with the sole exception of might which used to be granted by warriors in the
  5. Keeping a blob-oriented balance in mind: - Damaging conditions have been useless for a while and could use a small buff for all classes (maybe buff AoE skills that would not be used in roaming). - Support tempests and warrior got hit by the 10-target nerf and got nothing in return, there is still no reason not to pick a scrapper as 2nd support. - EoD classes all suck in wvw, Power Virtuoso in particular needs a buff to become viable when compared to power guard-dh/scourge/herald-vindicator (maybe buff its AoE non-projectile utilities and give it an off-hand
  6. Firebrand already has 100% resolution and protection uptime from other sources.
  7. The brainless mechanics skipping this skill allowed in fractals wasn't good, in PvP it's ridicoulous but i was already playing receive the light since the mantra was already trash so don't care, but what about wvw? why must fb lose self sustain and party sustain there? This change completely forces you into the most passive playstyle possible with mace, receive the light and advance. Makes no sense at all.
  8. The only reason stealth is so annoying to a lot of players is that some classes have no viable reveals. Improving access to reveals would've been a much better way to deal with the issue than increasing CDs and nerfing durations. Also support guard is far from overperforming, it's the other supports that have been butchered patch after patch, Tempests still have to slot every cantrip not to get melted by target focus and warrior is a sitting duck once its cds run out. It's because supports got nerfed so hard that we get to deal with immob druids, condi trappers, necros dispensing m
  9. The changes were all in the right direction, however the class is still not viable in pvp and will reamin so as long as it does not get either evade frames on its movement skill or some good cleanses. The only reasonable access to cleanse (other than the must-take contemplation of purity) is taking the virtues trait to get 3x2 cleanses on your f2, which still isn't enough (it doesn't help that it's bugged as your elite skill does not refresh even a charge). Also sword 4 is still way too slow, something like a leap with a small evade frame followed by a quick attack with moderate dmg and
  10. It wouldn't be so much of a problem if there were better reveals in the game. Some classes/especs don't even have any, rev has to use its only stunbreak to reveal in a 360 radius. I belive better access to reveal would make the mechanic more interactive at least.
  11. Instead of nerfing it they buff it so it becomes the new EoD PvP elite spec instead of that trash they're trying to sell out
  12. Oh but they are op, in PvE (with a couple notable exceptions). Devs just don't care about pvp.
  13. I don't think the game should be balanced around gold 2 tbh. It's barely viable as it is. if focused it's one of the easiest classes to kill in nowadays's meta. Nerfing its survivability even further will just kill the build completely. I mained it since i started playing in 2015 (didn't have PoF while FB was strong either) and i just stopped playing it after the nerf to SYG+the aegis heal trait, let alone after the removal of mender. Now i'm playing power core just cause i refuse to play trapper dh. but it's not a competitve build by any means, and guard in pvp really doesn't deserve fur
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