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  1. Yeah. Like I said. Bummer. There is no technical reason for that. Seems like a built in opportunity for a future "Quality of Life" upgrade. "Change my mind." LOL Sort of like if your ranger pet died every time you change maps, don't you think?
  2. With 4/4 jade battery charges, I zoned into dragon's end for the first time. and my battery charges were gone. What's up with that?
  3. Has someone mentioned needing some size options for the Mechanist Mech? Sure does look pretty funny with an Asura Engineer. LOL How about we get to choose 3 sizes ? Huge - the way it is. Medium - 1/2 as big And Small - As tall as the typical Asura. I love the whole Eye Candy esthetic of the Mech, and all, but Seriously. For most stuff isn't it just way too big? In a big battle don't we want to shrink these things down? And if I set the size of my mech, how about I see everyone elses mech that size. So make this size an Option for the account? That way when I go into a Meta even
  4. So green story markers on a green island full of green green greeen... What could possibly be wrong. LOL
  5. Sometimes I use speakers and sometimes I use a USB headset. Windows 10 of course. When I use the headset I am using Discord - no surprise. The problem is that no matter how I set the audio to be used, the GW2 client keeps changing which audio device it's using. Even after I set it, it bounced to something else randomly apparently.. And it isn't even consistent when a cinematic plays. Or story cutscene or whatever we call it. So for example, this morning I'm playing EoD and in the open world I finally coerce the game to use the headset. But when the Cutscene plays - not instance [ althoug
  6. I did part of story yesterday and lots of HP/MP stuff. I recall in a story segment being referred to as "Asura" . Hummm those references add to the voice acting. Lots of voice acting. Which is great. But doesn't all the voice dialog seem pretty "Colloquial" to you? It seems unusually informal and full of modern jargon references. Sort of trashes the immersion for me. I appreciate that there is a lot of it, but wish it was more in keeping with a foreign place and time and less like 90210 High School. Or is there a better way to characterize it? Donno. Which is exactly what I've heard folks say
  7. I see the Asura Gate in the gate area of Lion's Arch that two workers are building. Hover over with the mouse and you see "Outreach". Does anyone know where Outreach is in Cantha? I'm guessing that as you play the story you unlock Outreach and the gate is then open. Oh. My bad. Outreach is the name of the story part that I'm supposed to do next. Duh. Many other areas of the game are unlocked for all characters after you play the story to unlock an area. So I'm trying to figure if once this gate is unlocked, then the rest of my Alts can get to Cantha without playing the story. I guess
  8. Did I miss it, or something? Did others already mention this? Maybe I missed the post. I don't see Key Bind slots for Skiff and Fishing. Seems like we need those. I'm gonna get tired trying to hit those little teeny weeny buttons at the bottom left of the hot bar. I have a 2K monitor. Wonder how small they are on a 4K monitor? Key Bind Slots Please - maybe in the Mounts section? Thx
  9. Oh, I almost forgot. I couldn't find the hot key bind for Skiff and Fishing. Don't we need those? Sorry wrong place I guess.
  10. I can't find the bank or the trading post? Does it unlock after some story part? I can fish and do hearts and buy fishing gear, but I want the bank and the market board without a long travel or Travel Back after pulling a Lilly of Elon. Did I miss the services?
  11. How nice to have flight right away in the new zones. Unlike other MMOs. And lots of free HP and MPs all over the place. And I stumbled on a portal to NKCity in the ocean to the NE of the SJ Island. So I'm rock'n a roll'n after one story part - wild and crazy, but fun - and got my skiff. Never crashed. Only saw one glitch where a raptor showed for a Rescue Target for the skiff heart. 10 Thumbs Up.
  12. Actually, no. Never helped to reboot. GW2 in windowed mode always hangs down over the task bar.
  13. Yep. But I'm using a 32" monitor to my left about 2 arms lengths away at the end of the recliner and my main 23" monitor right in front of me on a monitor arm as I recline. So, my second monitor is not as easy to see as yours. Your solution Does not work for me. 😉
  14. In window mode, the bottom of the GW2 game window is covered by the task bar oddly. Apparently GW2 sizes the window to the screen, so I have to "Auto Hide" the windows task bar to play. And since I'm not a fan of this task bar mode, I have to switch it on for GW2 and off for the other [shall rename mainless] game I play.
  15. I use 2 monitors. When I use GW2 Full screen, it traps the cursor and that's a pain. Other games don't trap the cursor in this mode. So in GW2 I've taking to using Window mode and then Hide the task bar. Which is a pain because then I have to change that setting every time I launch GW2. But at least I can move the cursor between monitors. No trapping. I tried Window Full screen, but that does not trap the cursor, but it covers the task bar on the GW2 monitor. So I guess I'm asking for Full Screen Window to not hide the task bar and to not trap cursor. Am I missing some
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