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  1. Poppin' in here in the hopes that devs will see. =3 RE: Willbender I realize one of the things that makes it feel so *off*. Sure, you can use them for active Virtue activation, but they still require a huge number of hits in comparison to trigger their effects, rooted in ground effects for bonus hits. GW2 fights aren't static enough for that kind of head-to-head fighting most times, and needing 5+ hits in an activation window means you're almost never going to see it outside of large groups. If Willbender wants a risk-reward takeaway, here's the suggestion:
  2. Solo friendly: I shouldn't have to be in a group for Hero Points or map completion. But! Meta-events and world bosses *should* be a thing to keep the zones interesting. Rather they not be bound to timers, but we all know folks would just taxi...
  3. How I long for the days of the old tableau cutscenes! Seen it before? SKIP. It saves so much time! ..not that GW2 seems to respect player time, so this is no surprise.
  4. Sadly, it wasn't worth the build-up and the looming grind. The story instance was just.. frustrating. Not hard, just pretty lame. Both champions hop around so much, especially Braham's 5000-range leap out of combat, that playing melee was absolutely irritating. Even slipping out of combat to put on a ranged weapon didn't really solve the issue, because Braham jump / Ryland spin and oops, out of range in the middle of my attacks. The follow-up was worse. Why does Ryland have 75% of his attacks with knockbacks? Why? If it's not the rushed narrative beats that hurt this game, it's t
  5. Take the desert WvW borderlands and re-use them as PvE spots. May as well have someone appreciate them. lol
  6. There needs to be a skip option or some way to retry achievements that doesn't involve putting up with chatty paper dolls. Challenge and achievement rely on fast iteration to be fun, and GW2 just doesn't do it.
  7. Just going to highlight a few things... It's not that the HoT enemies are bad. They're so close to being good. They just need a balance pass to work within the tools the players have instead of using their own special rules that thwart in-game systems.
  8. Boo, misclicked my option.What I meant to vote was [POF difficulty]. HoT is too busy using mechanics that exceed the game's rules like infinite dodge-leaps, perma-evasion, projectile spam longer than mitigation allows, and Defiance bars the size of skyscrapers. It's only 'challenge' in the sense that the huge damage numbers from mobs are punishing, but not actual mechanical challenge within the scope of character abilities. And there are just too many things that don't have appropriate counters.With a thorough balance pass, HoT could be better balanced and much more engaging. Mechanically, P
  9. Probably one of the worst aspects of the new(er) GW2 grind. We spend all these resources for Exotic-level weapon skins, and it's not even best in slot.
  10. Thankfully, most of the grind is just in the achievements needed to do things like . . get mastery skills. Or cosmetics. I had GW2 on main for a long time, but that grind pushed me into games that reward my time investment. So now, side game, and I just kinda stopped caring about chasing 50-hour achievements.
  11. Unless the bookcase interface is vastly improved from current menu presentations, I'd rather have a library tab. Either way, it'd be great to have something we can use to save these lore books and free up our inventory again.
  12. This x a lot. I can appreciate the skill ceiling for the game, but many enemies in the game have offense that exceeds the players' tools to mitigate them. We're expected to somehow carry multiple stunbreaks (which easily get chewed through), stability/blocks/aegis not available to all classes, and still have stats and skills lined up for might/fury/quickness/alacrity lined up for damage.
  13. In spite of my trash-vote for Tengu, what I'd really like to see: Expecting new elites, so I won't question it. Maybe new weapons would be nice.Optimization would be f'ing boss, not gonna lie. Multithreading, pleeeaaase.I like the idea of "modernizing" the game for its current state. A balance pass on open-world critters from all expansions (right-size HoT mobs for player skills, elevate AI and tactics of vanilla mobs) is long overdue. Stability still needs a restructure, especially if enemies are going to spam hard-CC as much as they do. Or a universal post-stunbreak defiance.Fingers crossed
  14. This goes way beyond DRMs. Because omg Season 2 in its entirety, and most of the story missions with achievements need a fast track option for replayability.
  15. Of course you would. It would be effectively a limited-usage bot that makes you some money every day with no effort, why wouldn't you use it? :D Also give me a raid butler, fractal butler, wvw butler and overally open world gathering route butler per map. ^^ Wait, there's raid nodes and fractal nodes and wvw nodes (I could definitely use those!)? Why, those are positively great! Where do I get those? Edit: upon further investigation, those don't exist. Much like the point of this hand-wringing sarcasm.
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