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  1. It really feels like you guys are coming up with any excuse you can as to why this won't work. How many years did we run dungeons and fractals with 5 dps? At least until HoT. We already have strikes that are essentially facerolls and do not require a tank or healer. I can attest to that. I simply do not buy that automated matchmaking "won't work" and that the game needs defined roles for relatively easy content. At least, I haven't heard a good reason as to why not. Stop telling me that the current LFG system is fine, because it is not. Absolutely, and I feel strikes should be t
  2. 1) I have limited times when I can play a day. I'm not the only one. 2) I'm not complaining about other content. I'm saying only strikes should work this way as an introduction to endgame content. Honestly seems like a pretty good way to meet other people you'd want to do higher end content with to begin with? 3) If you read my post you'd see I suggested flattening the difficulty of the strikes so that they do not require defined roles. 4) If you read my post, you'd see I suggested that they pull the strikes from a playlist and people are penalized for leavi
  3. I like the idea of strike missions, but the way they're currently implemented is really bad. I was surprised to see strike missions listed as a feature of EoD. As far as I was concerned, it was dead content that I did once for the cheevo, and something a group of dedicated players could come back to in order to farm skins. Now, a bunch of angry redditors have assured me that isn't the case and that it's VERY active through LFG(even though I feel this is a cope - I've been sitting in strike LFM for about 15 mins now and only one posting...) - I still feel I shouldn't have to wade th
  4. First of all, I want to say this was a great decision and long overdue. The MMO Rift which came out around the same time as GW2 reportedly had the highest amount of new players ever once they had their f2p launch on Steam. If you're at all familiar with the Guild Wars 2 subreddit, I'm sure you've noticed that there are constantly new posts by people who are shocked by how much they like the game and the fact they've heard next to nothing about it - I'm certain a Steam launch will draw in new players that will stick with Guild Wars 2. I'd really like to see this transition go well, so I'd recom
  5. Still waiting on an update as to:1) why this was decided to be done now after the game has been out for over 6+ years2) why no alternative methods were offered. 3) Why arenanet didn't take into account the VARIOUS issues presented by players in this very thread into account when flipping this switch.4) when we can expect a viable alternative from arenanet This feels far less to do with security, and more to do with the fact that Arenanet wants you to see their launcher so they can throw more ads at you or harass you to sign up for SMS. Neither of which I have any interest in. I don't think I
  6. This is actually a point I hadn't considered, my first thought after seeing that this was an intentional change on the part of the dev team made me think of what third party options are out there. I had gw2buddy awhile back but didn't really need the multibox functionality so I stayed with my shortcuts. Not sure if gw2buddy is even working now, but my point is that by making this decision, anet is inadvertently pushing people towards third parties who can fill the void. And if there isn't one currently, there will be one eventually. Personally I'd like to take my own responsibility for my se
  7. This was a poor decision on behalf of the dev team. Every single instruction on how to set this up clearly informs the player that their passwords and account info are stored on the local computer. If a player is compromised through having these shortcuts, it's on their shoulders. All this does is inconvenience long term players with multiple accounts who know a thing or two about security. Please revert ASAP.
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