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  1. No shade but the close up of your toon makes me wish they would REALLY update the faces and hairs for humans in particular. I am SO tired of the meta dumb human female generic face. Give us some diversity, in age, cultures, expression, features. If they want to make money in the gem store, THIS is a better option than yet another crappy chair or lazy mount reskin.
  2. Tbh, how many times can you expect people to do the same content day in and day out. The last few fractals have been poorly designed and annoying. I actually have more fun running the even OLDER dungeons; which in mind mind says a lot about the status of this games 5 man content.
  3. Yes of course there will. Expect another immersion busting skyscale soon coming to the gemstore for 2k
  4. I absolutely agree with all of this. When the talk about POF raids began, I thought they are BOUND to include mounts in someway, like using raptors to escape a collapsing area or something. In effect all they did was have the rather token sand portals for the Jackals. Instead of giving someone one shitty job like KITING, they could have thought out of the box and required someone to use a raptor to collect an artefact in a fight or ANYTHING.
  5. SO I cannot really be bothered to do W7 anymore whereas I still do 1-4 on a regular basis. I just find the whole Djinn aesthetic dull and the fights themselves were utilising same the old stale mechanics; jumping , red circles, get into the bubble, or one shot etc etc. It is a rather soulless and tedious experience and I don't find it fun to play at all so I'm passing on it. I hope the next raid wing, if there is one is a more unique and unexpected setting with a fresh take on mechanics. I'm bored of the same go to mechs they use, and this bizarre ritual they have of giving one or two people
  6. I would like it to be a spec where you stay in ONE Elemental attunement and instead have 2 weapon sets. One of the things I really dislike about Weaver is the Mozart like grasp you need to get the decent dps by having to swap to all the different attunements. Imo, it asks too much of your patience for competitive dps. For the next spec I would like to be able to stay in ONE attunement. Thematically there is nothing like a pure ice mage or Lightning caster and it would be unique for the ele to switch weapons rather than constantly swapping between all 4 elements.
  7. Yes condi builds are popular in both fractals and raids. What people prefer and what is totally viable or better are two completely different things. I'm not sure what part of that you don't understand? I already stated in my first reply that DH is a great power bursty build but as he is new, it can be very squishy, so suggested a more forgiving class. You're acting like he's going to jump into Dhuum CM from the get go lol. Plus I suggested CLASSES, not necessarily condi/power. The advantage of Necro and Ranger is that they can do both and are reasonably quick and cheap to gear up and have sim
  8. Don't feel bad for me. Feel bad for yourself that something so utterly trivial is keeping you awake at night. Tragic.
  9. Scourge is not a popular build in high level fractals at all. Same for condi soulbeat. You probably wont be able to join cm groups on those. I do them all the time with both classes and I happily accept them into my groups from pugs. "YOU" may not like them but your personal preferences do not speak for the entire player base. Also the OP, didn't even mention cm's and both classes are a mainstay in raids. Next.
  10. I mean there is a difference between promising the earth and saying diddly squat. I don't know why they can't put out a common sense approach roadmap and let the playerbase know their plans. They have used the excuse before that, Oh we don't want to promise you guys too much incase stuff doesn't make the cut. But frankly, I'd prefer that than NOTHING. People are likely to be much more forgiving if Anet are honest and say well we tried to do this by a certain date but it's been delayed. Frankly, I have so little desire to log in these days because it "feels" like the game is going into limp mod
  11. Well imo DH is great damage but it can be very squishy. If you want something more forgiving, then I would suggest either condi Soulbeast or Scourge. The rotations for both are very simple, especially if you play Shortbow Soulbeast. They both have good damage, good cc and are more survivable than DH if you are a novice. Scourge in particular has group wide condi cleanse, a large Healthpool and is a popular choice in both raids and fractals. Both core classes also have the benefit of being able to do a wide variety of roles once you get the gear. Ranger can do power or condi dps and of course i
  12. I'm not denying that Snowcrows have been very useful for the game and especially the raiding community, but I think you're overstating the impact of them moving on. People said exactly the same thing when QT was THE guild that did all the benchmarks and nothing happened. The game is bigger than one or two "top" guilds. Someone else will no doubt take their place and if not, we and the game will survive.
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