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  1. Because 5v5 sPvP conquest, point capture and defending = the same as WvW in terms of flexibility and scale. Nope.
  2. Quite simply the games Competitive game modes, haven't been a priority for a long, long time over the years, so the WvW Dev team has shrunk since the early years of the game. To be honest with you though, 10 years ago when I started playing this game, I never knew WvW existed as a new player, but then I was a low level and grinding levels in PVE, cause that was the only way to level up fast back in the day. Sure WvW got some updates we really needed like the Reward system, qol and some balance updates which were really needed especially after the expansions bringing more power creep
  3. Alot of Servers in the EU atm, are honestly Cloudy like FoW.
  4. I would hope, Gandara is probably just hyped about getting a link for now so the, even though getting linked to Fort Ranik is predictable by now. Because the queues and visual queue 'bug' are quite annoying right now, but you would think they would die down after the first week. Although, it could be like after Deso spent 4 months without a link, before they got linked to RoF, before climbing to T1 after a couple of weeks from T5..
  5. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/wvw-world-restructuring-beta-4-begins-on-august-12/ I would be surprised if there's another beta later that month, but let's wait and see..
  6. Basically, they are describing what happened pre-HoT and post HoT, which was not fun at all to play against or with, effectively making Stability pretty much useless, as they rework stability just before HoT, with much worse results. So it isn't a 'solution' at all, unless you enjoy pirate shipping or clouding, the latter which is still a thing that can be effective and annoying to fight against for Guild groups and smaller squads, especially inside structures with lots of siege and can actually be effective against blobs, unless you are heavily outnumbered or only a map queue cloud of r
  7. 'Betas' as a plural in Mid-July aswell. So it's less than 7 weeks until the End of August, unless they include early September as Summer too.
  8. It would of been nice to restructure WvW and it's populations during these past 4 years, which is basically that WvW overhaul as they announced in 2018. So I doubt even now that, WvW is a high enough priority, to put alot of resources to work on multiple WvW projects instead of pve and future expansions, alongside the project(s) they just starting working on again recently.
  9. Actually, you can generate alot of Points per kill to win skirmishes, rather than capping stuff as long as you defend T2-T3 structures rather than cap paper keeps over and over again, outside of night and the early mornings in the EU. Open field WvW guilds, particularly raid for two hours an evening on the borders or EBG 2-3 times a week only and many do open tag to find content against other similar sized groups if they can. PPT is really only necessary when you are trying to get better potential matchups or stay out of T5, but there are rarely queues in the first place due to Gu
  10. Changing my email address was smooth, but I had to change my password, except for some reason, it wouldn't send the password reset email to my new address through Desktop, after I missed the window to change the password after my email changed. It works through mobile though.
  11. It was far from dead, apart from the Bronze lower tier servers in the EU before HoT, even in terms of EoTM. It's only after the borders changed to all Desert, did the activity on most servers drop apart from EBG, especially a couple of months after HoT Launched, but then it recovered once again until it is the way it is now, because there was no other decent competition, in terms of RvR Game modes in other games/MMOs. Although there were many guilds who came back for HoT and then quit, cause of several reasons, like the change to stability into stacks, which made large scale very pir
  12. WvW will always be around, especially if there is no Competition in terms of a 'Competitive' game mode (or dedicated RvR games like that DaOC successor that has never been out of Alpha), which is flexible in terms of Large and Small Scale PvP/E. That's even if the population of Open field WvW or Community Guilds and players is far, far less since the Launch of the game almost 10 years ago, it's just not been a priority and been on the bottom of their list, in terms of marketing it towards those type of MMO players for many years. Even in terms of Youtube or Twitch these days, it has
  13. The main problem is, we're once again getting skill lag during 3 way large scale fights, especially on reset night in the EU, but it also happens outside of reset night too.
  14. At least you got some 'good' transfers in when you opened once last year, although one of the guilds who transferred to you, left a couple of months later iirc. Like, rather than how Deso dropped to high while linked to WSR last year and winning T1 by 100 points, so the majority of the transfers was made of bandwagoners. So basically, for the past 3-4 months, or even the over the past 2 years, every Guild on the server had to leave, for it to drop to high in T5 this year. So basically there's no community left from the past few years and with the shrinking population of active WvW gu
  15. Yeah I highly doubt its happening anytime soon, but I would take a 2 week beta or two during the summer, with any fixes between and during those weeks if needed. At one point I thought we would see a few more betas and higher priority towards that a couple of months after EoD, but here we are. It will be 5 years in 2023, since they announced alliances and the wvw overhaul; which was cancelled, since Anet back then thought it wasn't worth the time and resources to develop . Then again Camelot unchained isn't even out.
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