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  1. When will mystic benefactor and mystic researcher return 😃
  2. Anyone know if this will return and or why is it still on this achievement list under General, Tradesman, I wonder why Anet has not removed it yet, I hear alot of ppl talking about these achevo's and cant get them completed.
  3. Have the same issue. Did everything I can think of. Assume its just bugged for some people. Tried picking up Chef on an existing 80 character that didn't have it learned. Tried on a brand new character I made today and did all the other achievevments on (think it was level 52). Tried on main, who is 500 chef, by switching to another and then back to cooking. Tried crafting on all on them just in case, but nada. Lindsay Murdock posted in a Reddit thread, saying it should give credit just by switching out of chef and then back on any character. EDIT: Just noticed in that same thread an
  4. Did you try crafting something? Just a guess. yes sir i crafted 3 items
  5. Ok so i made a new toon today, Got it to lvl 10 and most other achevos are complete in the new Tutorial Mastery, I went to the Chef Master to start the Chef discipline,Talked with the chef start the chef discipline and it wouldnt give me ( Interest in Food) achevo, what am i doing wrong.
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