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  1. I've seen Sindrener playing wow bfa lately.Hope he makes some nice rogue videos too.
  2. a genius isnt the average player..didnt he stream wow a few days ago? Yeah I'm playing wow too and last Friday I was in a BG and there he was in my team playing as an assassination rogue. xD
  3. It makes absolutely no sense.Before I was able to prevent a stomp on a team mate that I was resing with BP now I can't... Also now the stolen abilities have cast time too so using the stolen ability while doing something else (stomping / attacking etc.) Is now impossible...
  4. I'm just genuinely tired of reading the patch notes for Thief to see some of the things that can actually let you do more than +1ing or going far getting cut back. You still have not posted what exactly it is that you're upset about. When I look at the patch note, I always start with the Mesmer since they are the one that I hate the most. Thus seeing all the nerfs they got is a buff to my Thief. ;) You are like the football fan that hates so much a team they seing this team lose makes them happier then their own team wining... Anyway even if they nerfed the mesmer to a vegetable, Thief still
  5. I'm working on getting my characters ready for BFA.I have uninstalled gw2.I'll keep popping in here to see how things are going. I've taken a 2 year break from the game before so... Anyway for those staying, gl I feel sorry for you.
  6. NERF THIEVES!!!! ... just thought i'd drop this here, no reason.
  7. ahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaahahahahaahahahahahahhaahaahhawait wait... BAAAAAAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha tks for that i needed it!
  8. Patch notes: Mont skinsSpecial mount skin for beetleReturn of gem sink flufBuff to necros and mesmersNerf everyone elseTooltip facts fixEnjoy.
  9. Aye. I agree, and I don't see any viable way to change that.Thief will always be the last choice for any pve conted and is unwelcome in wvwvw raids too. Venom sharing is irrelevant and stealth resing not a big deal. The DPS is considerably lower then... Anyone with a DPS spec. Thieves are bound to wvwvw solo roaming and +1 in spvp.If you're waiting for this to change, my advice is to reroll and start learning a new profession.
  10. I remember the time when we use to leap further wile under the effect of swiftness...
  11. I'm glad someone was courageous enough to bring up this subject. Tks op! /Respect
  12. at least for WvW roaming thief is in a good if not too good position so i dont expect buffs here. i dont really run in zerg and neither play spvp nor instanced pve with thief so i can only make assumptions on those parts. it's cool bro, no worries thief will not see any buffs. and even if they (anet) thought about buffing thief, they wont do it because of you specifically, yah know, due to your mad skillz. <3
  13. Doesn't show on the death breakdown?Are you coming suicide? I know the build you are talking about but the thief needs to hit you 5 to 7 times with skills that use init to build up malice then he needs to steath, get behind you and backstab you. So much for a 1 shot that doesn't even show on the death breakdown... Nice try though!
  14. ArenaNet test the stuff they put out extensively! you are probably doing something wrong, rifle is fine! mesmers are fine! these are not the droids you are looking for /wavehand
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