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  1. All the daily Stampede (gold/sliver/bronze) are stuck at 1/2. The Hologram Herder is the same with 1/5. Stampede Survivor Is showing 7 times but I've not got once the 3 coffer reward.
  2. I've done the Holo Stampede twice now but Hologram Herder 0/5 What is more annoying is that 3 of us from the same guild did one last night. We stayed together. At the end one of us got credit. Me and the other person didn't.
  3. Getting some fishing done today and one thing I really wish was added to the mini-map, what time in the day it was. I know the 'in game time' is on the map but Day, Dusk, Night, Dawn is not. Would be so handy for Dawn and Dusk. So the map could say - '15:40 - Day' or '23:15 - Night'
  4. I play with dual monitors. I have GW2 on the left one while on the right I will have discord open and chrome running. Most of the time chrome is running youtube or GW2 wiki while I'm playing. I use some overlays via Blish Hud. Never once has the game crashed and my monitors 'restart'. I have had a few Kicked to character screen but nothing since EoD statred.
  5. Just finished this Achievement today (23 March 2022). The only problems I had was. No 22 - Watches Aetherblades near the Monastery. Picked up all 3 rocks - no chest. Went back 30mins later to see the rocks had respawned and to see a 4th rock half sticking out the ground underwater! Got the chest No 24 - Plays with Drakes. Went to the spot yesterday and no rocks. Stood around for 10/15min and no spawns. Looked today and rocks are seen, got the chest.
  6. Any one else had the fish in their bags go missing? First day I just left the fish in my bag. Log in next day.... fish are gone! Next day I cut the fish up. Log in next day ...... fish is gone! The only fish staying in my bag is the Bait (Shrimpling/Mackerel and Sardines) Anyone else having this?
  7. I had that feeling playing it last night. Lots of space but nothing in it.
  8. I got the scroll in the mail that opens the Icebrood Saga, Chamions 1: Truce. I look in the Story Journal at Champions it says "Read the urgent letter". Go to my mail and... it's empty, no letter. Iv'e looked up 'Primordus Rising' on the wiki, went to see Aurene, she won't talk to me. Quit the story and picked it back up 5 times, noting. Logged out and in twice, noting. What am I missing?
  9. Thanks Naxos. Just the information I was looking for.
  10. Same here. Was in the game on Monday (8/11) and all was fine. Log in today Wed (10/11) after an update and as soon as I clicked the BLTP game crashed. I start the game back up and , BLTP-crash. I try for a 3rd time, same. Next time I give the game 10mins but yes crash again. The only add-on I have is Mount Radial.
  11. Been trying to do the Treasure Hunt on labyrinthine Cliffs. I can be on the Cliffs doing all the other things with no probs. Leave the Cliff and get on with other dailies and lvling alts all over Tyria just fine. Come back to the Cliffs to do the next Treasure Hunt. Hit round two and soon as I'm about to do the 2nd water stage - BANG! Game crashes and I get an Error Report to fill in. Log back in, try and finish. Go off and do other tings on the Cliffs. Log alts in and quest on them. Time to go back to the Cliffs and do the Tresure Hunt again. Hit round two, come to the s
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