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  1. Slightly disagree. The better the player the lower the value of your trap, more traps is often a weakness not a strength, I've beaten many rangers trying to make trapper rune and all that crap work. Sharpening stone is on demand cleanse, fury and good damage. About the MH axe, I enjoy it but dagger will proc [Predator's Cunning] way more than axe which will help with sustain, on top of that if you take axe MH you have only projectiles and a single ele can render you useless. Also dagger leaps can be used for 1.3k heal or 8s weakness per leap. Axe just doesnt compete with it in my opinion
  2. Here's a guide I made, (top 100 EU soloQ on 2 accounts) https://new.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/gbmb49/condition_soulbeast_pvp_build_guide/I think itll gain popularity quickly because core has taken a hit and I've shared this for anyone to try. It's gonna be annoying fighting my mirror ;)
  3. Ive had success with this https://new.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/gbmb49/condition_soulbeast_pvp_build_guide/
  4. People been saying this since launch, OP. I doubt they'll give us what we want.
  5. Can I vote dagger mainhand? Technically we have it but really, we don’t.
  6. Idk why I even came here. I don't know what I expected but not surprised with the response.
  7. And not a single fucking mount skin from in-game achievements or rewards... Rightnow mount skins only display that you're a dumb fuck who threw money at his screen trying to desperately get what he wants. Thanks for funding my next expac kids. I will keep my money to myself and pay another 25 euros for another expac in 2-3 years. Untill then Anet will have to drain the dumb.
  8. I'd love to buy a balance patch with gems if possible. Skins won't keep me playing, fun combat & interesting buildcrafting will
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