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  1. Maybe they're secretly hoping for Jormag to avoid direct confrontation with Primordus and froze "themselves" in ice for centuries.
  2. My issue with the story right now and for some time has been the lack of definition regarding our characters' main goal, and what we have to do in order to achieve it. There don't seem to be a clear distinction between "Preserving Tyria" and "Coping with the Elder Dragons threat" anymore. Do we have to destroy, or negate the threat? One time it seems that balance is the cornerstone of the story, the next time we're back to killing dragons. Aurene's behavior in this chapter further strengthen my interrogations. I don't necessarily hate the story. I just feel confused.
  3. In French, Jormag is referred as "Le dragon des glaces". Jormag is a "he".
  4. She'll defend Gendarran Fields from a Destroyer attack.Yeah, I just don’t expect any major story beats from her. Maybe the devs will prove me wrong though.Since we’re going to the map that has Vigil Keep as a prominent location, there’s a potential continuation to the Vigil story.
  5. My guess is the truce is set up at the end of the chapter as consequence after the events we play through in whatever story we get Also, people are saying they saw Ryland in there. Is that correct or are people confusing him with Bangar? Ryland is there, you can hear him talk and see him fight with his flamesaw. I believe Councillor Zudo will be part of this release (I noticed her character model). There's a good chance her sister Ludo will be there too.
  6. The only bit we have about other parts of Istan is from First Spear Hakima.
  7. I believe Hyo-Sonn is just a really big Canthan.I also believe that Canthans from the Dragon Empire know how to differentiate their own from Norn.
  8. "The cycle is reborn" at the end of the trailer is a powerful sentence. I, too, believe Kuunavang is talking with an Elder Dragon, the one known as S(omething).
  9. The shards achievement references the work of Taimi's machine, right?
  10. Why was Smodur being a major Bangarhead the whole release?
  11. Cinder is also seen alongside Ryland during the meeting with the legions.
  12. Im okay with this. It tells us we are pretty high up, just not the highest up. It feels like a good balance. that's literally the current situation. The Pact Commander isn't the highest - they're below the Marshal, and on par to dozens of others in ranking. And as of Season 3, it's a title and nothing more, we're not even in the military hierarchy anymore. We aren't the "topest dog" who is practically a god among mere mortals. All of the Commander's deeds are done through teamwork, either with other heroes or with a freakin' dragon. All except when we 1v1 Balthazar :(I would have preferred
  13. The second screen is in Cragstead, @Sajuuk Khar.1509
  14. Regardless of what EOTN did to flesh out the Charr, the dynamics of the Human race in Central Tyria was already known and GW2 is true to it: Ascalon was a lost cause while Kryta was, and still is, the most sustainable kingdom in the continent. In 1325 AE, Ascalon is a cursed land operated by the Charr for generations. What would be the point to reclaim the fallen human kingdom if your perspective is:-at worst, getting crushed by the overwhelming force of the Charr?-at best, getting the honor to endlessly fight your ancestors?
  15. "The Great Traveler" Rytlock is too controversial among his fellow Charrs to be considered as potential Khan-Ur, in my opinion.
  16. Human characters in Guild Wars Eye of the North had the possibility to be blessed by the Spirits of the Wild.
  17. Path of Fire deals a lot with "Faith", a concept that is human focused in itself. You may not have liked the direction ArenaNet took with it, but it is a testament of the human-centric nature of that expansion.
  18. Last thing we know, Jhavi Jorasdottir is one of the top military figures in the Vigil. Why would she leave her duty and join Braham’s guild, even temporarily?
  19. I know throwbacks to Zhaitan's campaign aren't exactly ArenaNet's forte, but it would be neat to see Fibharr's crew there.
  20. Rytlock Brimstone: Yeah. Good job, kid. Might want to watch how you drop your left though.Ryland Steelcatcher: Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. Something tells me that Rytlock might regret that advice.
  21. Episode 1: we'll likely meet Jhavi Jorasdottir at the Vigil camp. After that lovely prologue, you gotta keep the trend of military figures teasing each other.
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