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  1. But not in the way they alter interaction. If a trait for example automatically cleans incomming condis/negates dmg or breaks stun for you, it works on removing interactive reactional combat elements, in contrast to traits that alter the way bombs work or shorten the cd of skills or something like that.
  2. My problem lies more in the engineer beeing dependent on a traitline that is just super passive unfun boonfiesta for its' entire existence. I'm tired of theoriecrafting active builds, cc chain/combofinish/kitswap my keyboard to porridge just to hit a wall of autoprocs at a certain point. It's ok that people get the option to rely on passive stuff to a degree but it should always rather be a weakness that can be abused. Now it's the opposite and you are at a massive disadvantage if you don't pick that stuff.
  3. Then you are sleeping on Toolkit imho. It has an insanely hard hitting and fast burst with prybar (sneaked through feb patch), maybe the best defense option of kits with a relatively short cd block and the unblockable pull is a very solid setup mechanic and a good tool to counter channeled blocks. Just the nails are kinda meh and only semi usefull in some condi builds. Autos can hit hard with full chain but are to clunky to use. Changing 2 and 1 to good offensive options could make this kit realy broken. You could give 2 more utillity maybe. I don't know. I don't know if your chang
  4. Can you not maybe move on to the thief subforum and complain about Ele having CDs on weapon skills or something? I'm pretty sure they can just spam skills and there is not a single downside to this.
  5. This is from a pure PVE perspective right?
  6. This confused me from the start. The specs' key mechanic was clearly designed as a pure support tool, to the point where it's almost useless in pve, but nearly nothing in the traitline reflected that role. It seems to me that devs have a hard time, finding a coherent concept for Engi in general. All the traitlines look sort of messy and lack synergies compared to other professions.
  7. Well just in case you are not a troll and the irony was actually lost on you. You think of yourself as the Chemist in your picture, while proclaiming a wild thesis and refusing to give any proof of it because people need to find it on their own. That is the most Christian thing ever.
  8. Op is on point. The change seems really poorly slapped into the spec line. I like to play tools rupt powerburst scrapper and it would be sad to see the playstyle get nuked, just to shove the spec further into the role it already mainly has and limit build diversity even more. I mean what are trait options for when they don't change the way you play? In addition to that i find the concept of the changed trait very passive and unengaging gamedesign. "When you give yourself x you also gain y and z", has nothing to do with interaction and is the very road to subpar gameplay.
  9. I really hope you are a troll, and the irony in this allegory is where it belongs.
  10. Just saying, we are allready at perma quickness and high superspeed uptime in organised groups, friends. Here you go:
  11. Well... yeah, assuming your opponent is a lot worse than you.
  12. Imho that's a misconception. It may seem that way to people due to the lack of structure and purpose in this mode. I could equip the most dumb or random pve build of any class and be somehow successful on any scale in WvW but that doesn't mean stats,traits and gear are the reason. Some people do it even naked or with only offhand weapons. When folks are setting up more serious comps to teamfight there is not much more variety left in my experience.
  13. Hi,I think most would agree that balancing groups of 50 people with random builds is nearly impossible. And since we dont get balance changes at all in WvW, can we please just copy paste the PvP balance changes to traits, skills etc. So we have some form of balance on a certain scale and a fresh breeze from time to time. You can leave the gear and stuff but please. People log in for the first time since months just to fight the same nadeholo/condirev/tempest cancer and are instantly reminded why they didnt play. It's no effort. Just copy the changes.
  14. Stack boon duration, run elixiers + alchemie -> spam nades -> get bored -> play another game.
  15. The underlying problem that needs to be fixed before anything else can be adressed is the company that owns the franchise. No matter how ingenius your sugestions are they are wasted here as long as there is no intent to develop the game at all.
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