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  1. Boi I just feel bad for people playing it. It hurts watching that thing wandering around doing nothing usefull while the engi gets a beating.
  2. Perma invis/superspeed on one utility slot, let's gooooo.
  3. I mean yes but it also doesn't mean the build is fine. It's pretty obvious that Nades and boon spam are both broken af in small scale. Not blaming Azza here. It's probably a healthy aproach to just accept we won't get meaningful attempts to balance this mode and just see how far you can push the most broken stuff for shits and giggles.
  4. I think you should read the whole discussion. Cele Scrapper is a gear and traitline choice that doesnt work without synergies like alchemie. No one denies you can make broken boon builds with it.
  5. It's just common sense for me really that applies in most situations like it does in this sandbox. I usually don't do stuff to people that would annoy me if it was the other way around. This kind of gamemode is what people make it afterall.
  6. Kinda self fulfilling prophecy tho. Lots of people believe the core foundation of pvp combat design in this game is still among the best in the genre. It's just sad ArenaNet/NCsoft didn't anymore after the esl debacle.
  7. Question is what you want to counter? In a 1v1 open field duel situation i'd say most definitely Rifle DE. They will cry because they can't touch you at all while burning through their defense. You won't take any points against them tho because they'll LoS in impromptu and you'll have low impact on teamfights. Spb counters not as easy but makes you actually able to contest against them and contribut more when fight dynamics change with more people imho.
  8. If you commit to a 1v1 and then ooc when things go downhill just to reset, then actually yes. It's considered bm. Not all specs can add teef level of mobility.
  9. Ah, i see what you mean. Question is whether thats really a template problem or more related to the increasing rock/paper/scissor balance and if its better to just be destined to lose/win encounters, due to a decision you made 15 min ago, no matter how good you are. But maybe thats not the right thread.
  10. I mean yeah. That's why I asked. But if you can't or won't explain, i'm cool with that.
  11. How? Only thing i've seen is teefs switching to max mobility template to travel maps and then back to engage. But who cares with mounts... Edit: Or do you mean just like adjusting builds to the situation? I mean thats not abuse. Thats what the feature is designed for.
  12. Don't wanna derail the topic to much but asia grinder are no different imho. Played some of them and the chances to fail an upgrade was the same for all players. There is not really mechanical skill in upgrading a weapon. Just hardcore grind. I think it also holds truth to the WvW population. The most popular playstyle currently is to karma train around the map, in a giant blob of 50+ players, that all get the same amount of rewards, with the least possible effort put in, despite the low outcome. They are not there to challenge themselves. The Majority would get the short end of
  13. I personally like the idea but... i'm gonna say something a lot of people will dislike. It's problably going to collide with the gw2 playerbase. MMO players in general hate nothing more than rewards they are mechanically unable to obtain. The genre is usually driven by the idea that no matter how bad you are, in the end if, you invest enough time (theory/build/strat crafting, grinding, teamwork, whatever) you'll get the shiny. It's fundamental inclusive and social at core. In PvP however you'll inevitably hit a brickwall at some point, no matter your effort. For the majority of players there w
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