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  1. I say hunter, because ranger is a weird term that GW2 uses lol. I play it like i would play a hunter in WoW, use a bow for long range, use a dagger for close range. A hammer makes it feel like i am playing some weird version of monster hunter, which does not work for me. A rifle would be nice
  2. As a hunter / thief main, I am super disappointed in both. Who wants to use a HAMMER, you kidding me. Where is my RIFLE SPEC. I WANT TO SHOOT PEW PEW PEW and the thief spec, more like a shadow priest yet not a vampire. If it was a vampire I would be fine with it more, but it gives me a necro feel.
  3. I mean, it is going to happen because it is not balanced, when I played beta pvp, the ludicrous engineer mech was destroying everyone and was basically impossible to stop if you where a good player. Since GW2 treats pvp as after thought will be broken in pvp and regarding to PvE, I doubt most will switch. I think HoT specialization where super good, and PoF fixed a lot of the remaining weakness of each class. Therefore EOD has little room for improvement. I could be wrong thou, we will see on launch
  4. I do not mind if it’s buyable, a casual player like me who gets 130 gold a year cause I pvp, do not get much gold. I was struggling to get gold to buy the griffin mount- why I made a post about it- a legendary that cost 4500 gold….. never gonna happen. therefore it matters not that it’s sell able. As people who would buy the legendary because they can’t craft it, won’t have the gold anyway to buy it. and people who can craft it, likely already have legendaries so would not buy one anyway the result is only whales who are new to game, which from my knowledge do not exi
  5. Map completion. ..... if i wanted to be bored i would go play WoW, but i guess if people enjoy it, its fair
  6. I would rather not have servers die as well, the phasing of zones is already a problem. I was trying to get this event on a map for PoF and could not do it, because the server was stuck in a time loop. I needed to wait 90 min for an event, but the area would empty after 30, 5 hours later time did not move at all on the server- as it would kick me out, or it would lack players to do it More players would only make the problem worse, since it would create multiple instances that are empty and destroy the flow of the game
  7. Hey, they are not worse then Kingsisle in Marketing their game :PPPPPP, ye i unfortunately played that game for years. Marketing the game is important, knowing how bad ArenaNet does their PR why not just fire of all those workers and use the resources for PvP, WvW, larger events ... makes me remember that Upper Echelon video about how we do not fire incompetent developers like we would in other industries. Guess they are lucky i am not big boss, I would have fired the marketing team in 2016. ArenaNet, go offer the game for free to Asmongold or Prich, or any other large MMO streame
  8. Those are all fair criticisms, it is a big directional change from what we have currently. Let me address some of them. 1) player base won’t come along: this one is fair yet truthfully how many of the GW1 players came to play GW2? When ever you launch a new game, it gets new eyes and new players, even a game as bad as AGS New World has found a lot of players, they only left because of the bugs. Yes the pvp community of mmos is smaller, but if GW3 did pvp properly, they would steal all those players from all MMOs. Plus I have the unpopular opinion that of the pvp com
  9. Hello everyone. With many players discussing EOD and the future of the game, I want to take the difficult road- and assume GW3 is in the works- even if unlikely or your in disagreement- let us assume the assumption is correct for the purpose of discussion. I shall begin this by explaining what GW3 should be, by looking at what we do not need. GW3 not a Theme- Park MMO starting controversial immediately. We do not need another theme park MMO, if we looking for that we got FF14, or ESO, Likewise. Theme park mmos are content mills, once you done it, you got nothing to do. This
  10. I do not want to rain on your parade with ashes or creation, but as a MMO player I do not understand the hype of ashes at all, the game is a abysmal failure in my eyes. 1) a small A company can not create something that a studio of 200+ people with many many attempts failed to create. Ashes is an example of FOMO at its maximum. The game is at best an old school mmo, look at Josh Strife Hayes video. He explains consumers no longer want old school mmos. 2) The game objectively looks like a play station 2 game. It looks like it was just bought with unity assets and string
  11. I think you miss read my post. I clearly specified that one expansion after end of dragons, not that end of dragons is the last expansion. Read the time line I propose, if we get 1 expansion every 4-5 years, we get exactly one more expansion after EOD, and one full season of living story. That’s usually takes around 2 years to produce. That is your 8 years of time you mentioned. Regarding the internals of GW2, I did not know about that, your argument is fair. I play almost 7 mmos at same time so do not know the specifics of what is going with any team. 1) swtor 2) GW2
  12. My view on this is that no, we will get one more expansion after EOD, aka we will get living season 7. That will be the final expansion of GW2. Why do I think this? 1) MMOs usually have a life cycle of 12-15 years. If ArenaNet make an expansion every 3-4 years, next expansion will be in Q4 2025 to Q1 of 2026. That would make the game 12 years? That leaves them exactly 2-3 years to finish up the final living season and go out with an extinction level mega event like FF14 did. 2) It takes around 8 years to develop a mmo and not have it end like AGS New World. If they begin to dev
  13. I am against more dungeons. GW2 is not known for hardcore content. This game is about casual content you can play while half asleep … on the open world design, I think some improvements can be made for sure. HoT is notorious for having bad map design, but PoF is a lot less frustrating
  14. not sure, i came back and did not have PoF, i pre-ordered end of dragons, but do not really care much about EoD. To me i bought PoF and got EoD for free. If it turns out good great, if it does poorly i do not really care. As long as it is better then Black Wood in ESO i am going to be happy. Black Wood was fun for like 2 weeks, but broke the economy, i was able to buy 10 years worth of dlc in 2 days by selling purple rings on auction house and then trading gold for crowns. As long as EoD does not do that, lmao its going to be fine
  15. it would be like a pet- from ranger, your staff is just there for visual effect you do not really use it. But if we had to give the staff abilities 1) Blink: warrior teleports forward and causes fear on landing, max range 30M 2) Ward: warrior uses magic blade to block attacks for 9seconds, if blocks attack knock down enemies with riposte 3) Focused Throw: you throw your staff forward and it knocks down enemies, pull it back to yank enemies to you 4) Blade vigil: warrior hides in the shadow of his pet- staying with 5m of sword grants stealth for 5
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