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  1. Yeah, some players dont care, and many just dont know the point because they never had the experience of a well developed housing system in another mmo. With that out of the way, lets also consider: 1. There is the demand. 2. Its pretty much the last tradicional mmo feature missing in GW2. 3. The resources are there, you just have to create an ingame excuse for getting some empty spaces (HOUSES) inside the home instance and let us use scribing for ourselves instead of guild halls. Give the option to choose home instance or guild halls for every new scribing crafted item. 4
  2. My thread got lost in the merge, so Ill just state my wishes: Option to ERASE visual effects from other players. At this point, this and the lag fix is my greatest wish.Housing with decorations brought to home instance (buying houses/spaces inside it with masteries)Hall of Monuments in hopes for GW3Dual class back through the new elite specialization (add a trait line from another class in your elite trait, and get some skills from the second class as well)
  3. Do as I did, put your 3 top and a few as honorable mentions. And yes to DX12, mods doesnt work for everyone.
  4. Yes, thank you! Was expecting people to do whatever they wanted anyway.
  5. More than ANYTHING, THE OPTION TO COMPLETELY TURN OFF UNNECESSARY VFX, so we can actually see the combat and all those beautiful models, textures and animations in action?Housing (bring the decorations to home instance and few choices/houses to buy or unlock inside it? could be mastery related)Bring dual class back (the 3rd elite specialization would be a new trait line from another class, and some of its skills as well?)Honorable mentions: Hall of monuments in hopes for gw3, repurposing minis (make a card game out of them? and some small buffs related to each? combat or quality of life? add c
  6. Serious, this has to be your top priority right now. More than xpacs, revenue plans, whatever. This is gonna kill the game, and Im not talking about balance or loosing a few dedicated players like me. Steam players are gonna come here, see a game from 2012 that should run smooth as velvet. Than they find the lag is out of control, and find out that it HAS been out of control for months. Its gonna destroy this game reputation.
  7. The only thing worse than the lag that's been going on for a long time in specific maps (Thunderhead Keep being the worse I believe) is not finding one single word about from Anet. I say this as someone who is invested in the game and pretends to keep playing for a long time. It literally breaks the game, a few minutes after arriving at those maps, it becomes unplayable, and that is really gonna hurt the game's reputation. Even a hc fan such as I starts thinking if I should care so much about the game when the company appears to ignore something like this. Even if you dont know what is it, or
  8. Trying my best to not swear right now, because Im really mad. Whats the current Anet position about it? I'll tell you, silence about it is as bad as the bots themselves, and this is really hurting the game.
  9. You want to start raiding, have fun and get some sweet rewards. But there's no place for you on lfg, I know. So, what do you do? You get a lvl 80 character, get him on full ascended gear, and then you join my guild. We are gonna be a 10 man guild that will learn together every raid aspect, all achievements, and then, after we are really good on it, we are gonna sell raid runs. If you are not good, I'll make you good. We run at Sundays. Message me ingame: Garamond.8542
  10. It's been a pleasure and an honor, sir. May the Six be with you.
  11. Doesnt really work, even though its the same design. Not only the small difference in size makes the Guild Defender perfectly proportional with everything else, but also the chest piece overlaps Banded Pauldrons.But thanks for the suggestion, though.
  12. Hello community and devs, I havent found a post for this, so I`m making it. Yesterday I spent a good hour browsing the wardrobe for fashion wars, and finally found the perfect composition for my main character. Everything is quite easy to obtain and would make me happier than a full legendary armor set. All but one piece, I found out today: Guild Defender shoulders. I believe Im not the only one missing those currently unobtainable skins. I also believe its not much of a challenge to bring them back? (sorry if I`m mistaken, just a players guess) Here is hoping of a juicy dev feedback, and who
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