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  1. I'd love to see this suggestion adopted. ANet probably monetized this system because as the game has aged, it's likely that more and more of the people who might be inclined to get bag/bank slots already have them. So, that revenue stream would have been shrinking. I could, of course, be completely wrong about that. If I'm right, though, then ANet will be reluctant to remove the cost. I might be willing to buy loadouts if they were account wide. As character bound items, they're ridiculously overpriced. That would at least be a partial remedy. Of course
  2. 1) Banter with the guild on Discord while doing strikes or WvW. 2) Strikes. 3) WvW, most of the time. 4) Fluidity of movement in and out of combat. 5) No ninja-stealing of nodes.
  3. Do ANet staff have more data than we do? Yes. Do some ANet staff know more about the code they've used in GW2 than we do. Yes. Do some ANet staff have a better idea than we do what will sell and what won't? They should. Do ANet staff know everything and never make mistakes? No.
  4. GW2 was billed as the MMO for people who hated traditional MMO's. Sure, ANet said if you liked traditional MMO's, you should check out GW2. But, it's not going to be possible for any game to appeal broadly across both demographics. You couldn't pay me to return to the two "juggernaut" sub MMO's. Not that I am totally in love with GW2, but it has had enough to keep me playing for ten years.
  5. Right: low-intensity builds Honorable Mention, Right: Strikes Wrong: relative lack of pay-off for playing a higher-intensity build. Dishonorable Mention: Wrong: boon vomit
  6. 1. Heart of Thorns for replayability. 2. Path of Fire for map completion. 3. End of Dragons was a big fail for me, as I haven't played most of it all all, never mind over and over, and I've only felt the incentive to have completed one map.
  7. ANet may have already decided to do something different with the Living Story Season bundling once the Steam release hits. They may have decided to keep things as is. They may rerelease the "return to" for the Steam release, tying free access to season stories to logins. Doubtless, there are other options available to them. Alternatively, Net may not have made a decision. It's not like they're going to announce what will be ahead of time, right? Why be transparent when you can just keep mum and present the player-base with a fait accompli? Regardless, the existing
  8. As far as I am aware, "snap ground target" involves how one places AOE targeting rings. The game controls can be set up to have this take multiple actions -- or one action -- already. I am not familiar with the Steam Deck controller. Will you be performing two actions (left trackpad and right trackpad?) or combining them into one action? Also, which game functions will be emulated? The answer to your question is likely going to depend on the answer to that question. For instance, if your idea will emulate the existing option to instant-cast AOE's (targeting and execution via o
  9. If I were making that decision for ANet, I'd look at EoD sales. If they are going strong, I would not put it on sale. If they have tapered off considerably, I'd probably put it on sale to increase them. Of course, I'd have to consider the possible backlash from those who recently bought EoD who are now demanding refunds. 😉
  10. Insist? No. You're the one insisting it isn't. I prefer to acknowledge the possibility their actions are evidence of listening. This is an educated guess based on the fact that an awful lot of player feedback has appeared in one form or another in the game. As to your suggestions about staff dedicated to perusing and acting on feedback... which you think might satisfy your complaint. The truth is that there was a collaborative initiative between ANet and players years ago. It's no longer here. Turns out that a lot of people weren't satisfied with ANet conversing openly about
  11. Over ten years, many, if not most of the changes to the game were things that one group or another asked for. Start all the way back with Fractals, which put in progressive agony resistance when people were complaining about lack of gear progression. So, no matter what ANet does, you are going to attribute it to something other than them "listening?" Why? The raid changes are just them positioning the game to appeal to new players,? Why couldn't it be in response to player feedback? Why not BOTH. What would ANet have to DO for you to conclude that changes they make are in
  12. I have no doubt ANet is listening to players... What I am not sure of is which players they are listening to. Take the Empowered buff in raids. For years, raiders fought tooth and nail against easy-mode raids. Others demanded them. Meanwhile, raiders asked for more raids. So, is Empowered about listening to those who wanted easy-mode raids? Or, is it about both catering to those who want easy and those who want more, by growing the population of players who want more raids? Perhaps some clarification is needed in this thread about just which player inpu
  13. So, here's the thing... The MMO genre is full of content whose longevity is ensured by the attachment of rewards to successful completion. The end result of this genre staple is that MMO players expect rewards -- and will rarely repeat content that is unrewarding. You might say that the rewards are an inseparable part of content in such games. There had to be a reward for strikes, and a separate reward for the CM's. This should be considered a given. Any attempt to deny this would be flying in the face of overwhelming evidence. So, if the reward that the
  14. Ty... which would mean that those who didn't use arc got a bit more out of the ANet system
  15. For those who did not use Arc Templates, the GW2 loadouts were a small increase in functionality. Before they debuted, we had WvW, PvE and PvP builds, as well as WvW and PvE gear loadouts. After they debuted, we now have 3 build slots, 2 equipment slots, and a small number of build save slots. The number of build and equipment slots didn't change. We did get more flexibility -- those who don't PvP or WvW can now load three PvE builds, for instance. We also got more bag space since the equipment loadouts store the gear in them. For those who did use Arc, the GW2 version was a m
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