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  1. While I'm sure, OP, that your ideas may appeal to some, they do not to me. In fact, "your" game sounds like something I would avoid like I would the plague.
  2. So you got a bad matchup. That happens regularly with the server system. My guild, on a link server rather than a parent server, has often been the only tag on a BL at prime time for the last 2-3 pairings. If we see another tag, it's either another guild from our home server or an open tag with (if the Commander is lucky) 2-3 people following. No system is perfect or will be perfect at any given matchup for everyone. That doesn't mean the system is bad, just that you were unlucky. As someone who has been unlucky for months on end, I welcome the opportunity to see if the new system, when
  3. Are you sure there were none? I'm not. I've been reading the official forums since before launch. I can virtually guarantee that there has been almost no system in the game that was never complained about by someone. Iirc, at launch there were no achievement rewards offering Badges of Honor. There were no reward track potion plus 10 Badges for things like killing a Vet. If I am correct, Badges of Honor could only be obtained by playing WvW. You had to kill NPC's or players. I'm sure there were people complaining about the GoB requirement back then. It certainly is easier t
  4. This is working as intended. I don't see this changing. ANet wants players who are looking to get a very optional luxury item to have to try WvW just as much as they want many players like me to enter PvE (or craft, which I hate with a passion) to get many legendary items. That said, you can get the GoB doing dailies like Veteran Creature Slayer; Big Spender and Master of Monuments; these have very low risk of having to fight other players. Land Claimer, Caravan Disruptor, Guard Killer and Camp Capturer have somewhat greater risk, depending on your server and the time of day you
  5. I can appreciate that someone might find going through the items from three birthdays on several characters to be tedious. I think, though, deciding that that process requires a lot of bag space is a player-manufactured problem. That said, I can understand that the oodles of stuff GW2 hands out can be daunting, though this is hardly unique to GW2 in the MMO genre. The thing is, there have been many times over the life of the game where players (many) complained on the forums that the game didn't feel rewarding. What they almost always expressed was the lack of excitement in drop
  6. Since early days for MMO's, the idea that better rewards are gained by completing more difficult content has been central to the genre. Bosses have better loot than random trash mobs. Harder bosses have better loot than easier ones. Sure, ANet went away from this at first, but only with regard to precursors. This was done, I believe, to make the game's ultimate carrot available to everyone, not just those who seek harder PvE. At launch, though, ANet intended that explorable dungeons, and their exclusive rewards, be the hardest PvE content in the game. That didn't happen, but i
  7. ANet didn't think of a lot of things. For one, they (during original development) missed the idea that no one would want to be able to use a slider to tone down or eliminate the egregious visual effects the game vomits during. larger-scale content.
  8. Funny, I thought the primary value of the Infinite Kit was never having to buy a kit again. Since that would still be true, anyone complaining would be complaining for the sake of complaining. Still, given the track record of the wider MMO audience, I guess I wouldn't be surprised...
  9. Yes, please! On more than one occasion I've been unhappy after seeing the effects of the changes I made in the actual game.
  10. I too would like to return to a day when game developers offered a product that could be judged on its value before I buy it. However, that day seems to be receding into the past. Part of that is the state of the industry, and part of it is on the consumer. Companies wouldn't offer pre-purchase options if people weren't buying them. Finally, companies have always been prone to offer the minimum quality they think the market will bear, in order to maximize RoI. That. too, is down to consumers. If people didn't buy half-baked products, companies would either offer better or offer nothi
  11. With regard to multi-player video games, you have two options: 1) Shine on choices by the developer or other players which will not fit your personal definition of immersion. You may think this option is "impossible," or difficult. However, choosing what to pay attention to and what to ignore is something we do every day. Players might expect a single-player RPG to present a coherent, consistent milieu. However, the minute you add other players, there is an inherent risk that they will either not give a kitten about "immersion," or will have different ideas of what constitutes
  12. Yes. While it was not labelled " Dislike," what else would thumbs down mean? Perform the coup de grace?
  13. The only time I think that the Confused emote actually means the person reacting is confused is when I conclude by reading the post that a reasonable person would be confused. Since this almost never happens, I am of the firm belief that the Confused reaction is in the vast majority of cases being used as "Dislike." Does this mean that an actual "Dislike" reaction would be a bad idea? No. However, I don't see it as necessary. There was a dislike option when this "new" board launched. I recall there being a (lengthy) thread in which a lot of people objected to the di
  14. Anyone who thinks that defense is too weak in GW2 has not fought a (good) WvW roamer.
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