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  1. Oh yes, Obtena and her unfailing wisdom. I'm not doing that -_-
  2. I think I made it pretty clear that this was a salt post. Salt I had stored up over years since vanilla of maining necro, clawing through all forms of PVE endgame on it, and spending at least 5 years searching for good pants skin for her because by grenth, most light armor pants look silly on a self-respecting professional necromancer. Yes, scourge is acceptable nowadays. Quite decent, in fact. It even retains a shred of survivability, being full ranged. But, now that epi is finally put into the ground, it's just another DPS. Nothing uniqe to them. A dime a dozen. If you can confidently p
  3. We call that "proactive self-defense".
  4. Yup. I kittening hade hydras in PoF, with burning passion. But encountering them for the first time, getting bombarded and watching the heads getting cut off, was amazing, memorable moment both for me and all of my friends. EoD.... doesn't have that kind of mobs.
  5. It's an objectively lesser expansion. There's less stuff to do on the maps. Less events and meta-chains than even PoF. No adventures, no races. Almost no secret corners to explore - while HoT and PoF maps both unfolded over the course of several weeks as you progressed mastery, with EoD exploration i was done in 4 days. MUCH less effort put into new especs, with blatant reuse of assets and general lack of care. Speaking of asset reuse - yes. We got almost no new monsters - everything in Cantha is mostly human. And yes, new masteries are trash. That said, I disagree with endgame PVE assess
  6. The last good fractal was Nightmare. Each next one got progressively worse and worse, becoming longer and incorporating kittenous mechanics, culminating in the utter kitten of Deepstone and Sanqua "why is the horse still talking" Peak. If Anet is unable to produce quality fractals anymore, I'd rather not get any at all.
  7. They should start rolling old seasons into the core/respective expansion. Let's take an arbitrary number, and say that last 2 seasons +whatever is ongoing should be on sale. Make S2 and S3 free.
  8. I just run several casts of BiP+Signet of Undeath while the group gets together. Or you can switch to harb and just blink the shroud several times. Somewhat annoying, but not too bad.
  9. I'd dig a vampire-themed espec. With sword, obviously. Might even give BM a second breath. Not that keen on minion though. kitten pet control in this game.
  10. I agree. You might wat to edit out the particular changes just to be safe.
  11. Oh, so getting stunlocked for a minute is an intended design, and not my dumb kitten failing some mechanic? Good to know. Will go get some tea next time it happens.
  12. You'll notice at some point that GW2 classes aren't locked into alignments. Necros aren't really evil, while guardians aren't good. That aside - yes. Mists are a form of afterlife here. They also reflect and mimic parts of reality, as seen in fractals, and can spawn "reflections" of historical events and people partaking in them. Revenants don't pull on actual ghosts, but on those reflections of people, and get possessed by them to channel their powers from mists.
  13. A rule of thumb - any group asking for LI is made of absolute scrubs. They will fail, they will die, they'll disband upon the first wipe, and it's in your best interest to just avoid them alltogether. I really don't know why it's that way. But even raid runs asking for LI are absolute plague, each time without fail. Last time we wiped 5 times on 150 LI W1, on Sabetha, before comm just silently ragequitted. I can only guess people farm their kitten-kitten LI on escort and spirit river, or just fake it, because I swear an average training run has less braindead people than LI ones.
  14. I'm pretty certain that trait just got baked in all the spectrals. Correct me if I'm wrong here.
  15. I don't think traits are as much of a problem. Ultimately, they don't really do much to affect gameplay, one way or the other. The weapons are. Every single core necro weapon is kittening trash. Scepter is carried exclusively by the trait assigned to it. Axe only exists to burn a single skill on it before diving into the shroud. This pathetic state of weapons that existed for YEARS is the reason Scourge doesn't even bother to weapon swap. Harb only uses scepter in the same manner axe is used, burning a skill and diving into the shroud. Dagger is trash in both hands. Focus is trash. Staff
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