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  1. It's ok, I prefer to beat souls out of people anyway. Just need to put in effort.
  2. Well. I guess it was only a question of time before final branch of Bioware is put into the grave. It's like every major publisher or studio is on a quest to replace their human staff with literal apes -_-
  3. Just out of curiosity, what did they pull this time? I left SWTOR after disaster of 4.0, but it seemed to recover from that kitten-show.
  4. To the same HT CM that's supposedly the hardest piece of PVE content in the game? Sure m8. Smooth curve.
  5. I think there's a difficulty gap with this one. Strikes are supposed to be EZ training mode. That's fair. Then the CMs, my impression, were meant to be normal raid difficulty. Which most of them are. That would make the current 4 strikes into a proper full wing content-wise. Instead we get a CM that's above raid CMs in difficulty. I'm not against that kind of content as long as there are no practical reasons to do it. But I honestly think this level of difficulty should be reserved for strikes under "nightmare mode" or something, while CM strikes should be within the difficulty range of normal difficulty raids. Then again, looking at raids and fractals, anet isn't familiar with difficulty curve concept anyway.
  6. Path of Fire will be MUCH more value for your money. The mounts alone are game-changing, and overall, it's the better expac of the 2. Only get EOD if you're really into 10-man PVE endgame content, because, frankly, it's the only part of the expac that's genuinely good. There's not much content in it to hop onto otherwise.
  7. I've played them pre-nerfs, and I honestly don't remember them being that bad. Maybe Dragon's stand. i recall all of them had a decent enough amount of loot to gather even if meta failed.
  8. kitten. No. Sitting through EOD opening, and the cringe-worthy asura "romance", was already horrible enough. Anet can't write characters. Even the moderately not-terrible stuff, like Jory/Kas romance, is just boring, and has no impact or depth to it. I'm not playing emotional counselor. I'm a motherkittening commander of a motherkittening pact, the slayer of dragons. And that's where the game reaches its narrative heights. Which aren't that high to begin with, let's be honest.
  9. Finally, we’re happy to confirm that we’re working on the next story update for Guild Wars 2, including a new map set in the Cantha region. That's from their studio update. Sure, they might call it differently, like they did with IBS, but it's still living world content structure.
  10. Amazing game design by anet to provoke this. This is literally the first case in game history where I can recall players hiding from each other, and having clash of interests with folks just exploring -_-
  11. Man, I thought necro community to be masochistic. But taking your class and asking for one of the worst clas mechanics in the game is so... warrior, really.
  12. You do realize that quickness harbinger of all things has more DPS than power reaper? And don't get me started on reliability and scourge. This is a joke.
  13. I mean, maybe queen is into them. We have a running joke with friends that all the mesmers in story are lesbians. Because most of them are anyway.
  14. Just to clarify. The original question was "but what of those who paid for the episodes if they go free on steam". The answer, IMHO, should be "nothing", just like how it was with vanilla transition to F2P. Maybe comsetics - sure, why not. https://imgur.com/a/o1aGf5f
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