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  1. The letters ô ó are choosable when naming a character, but the letter ò isnt counted as an usable letter.
  2. Traps, like Supply Removal Trap, probably get counted as traps like from an Dragonhunter and thus like an Effect, that should be removed when changing build. This is just dumb and makes those traps pretty much useless.
  3. Because they think that "hybrid"-builds are some kind of jack of all trades. But in reality, they are not an real power dmg class, condi dmg class or an real supporter. They can do everything, just not good. Some classes, like Firebrand or weaver, can make use of it all but could still be better. In those cases its not the cele stat that makes it broken, but the synergy between all the traits and skills themselves. Overall, they are just very tanky and focus on being sustainable & some kind of Staller. The damage is simply underwhelming, the boon duration is mediocre ,as w
  4. Which can be countered by epic teleports and more stealth
  5. at least you can do something against those groups.
  6. Shiro is just in a bad shape in almost every game mode. The Skills are overloaded with pretty much useless stuff, thus they decided to crank up the energy to high levels, that feels like Sh*t to play. They should remove useless stuff like -the 2Stacks of unblockable + the "unblockable" itself on Phase Traversal -the Fury on Riposting Shadows -the stupid little endurance-gain on riposting shadows -the already garbage dmg of Jade Winds (instead make it grant more stacks of vulvn, so the effect is actually devastating as it should be, with the epic long animation
  7. Hey ive seen that one of my guildmates havent unlocked this Achievement, but my guild cant remember when they did or how to unlock it. Does anyone know about it?
  8. yeah ive seen thiefs hide in Ospreys palace outer cirlce ,but as soon as they are alone they place the portal, go to the camp above or below, take it and take supplies to build a catapult. And they go back into the outer cirlce thanks to the portal
  9. The "red circle" for stealth is still a thing thats barely used. Thief has so many options to become perma-stealth, even without any circle they place
  10. Well ive seen perma stealth thiefs solo raid bosses aswell, so i doubt they are something "healthy" for pve
  11. We recently have trouble on our server with fighting against groups including multiple thiefs. If one wall is open, they will wait for hours until they can get their friends back in to destroy inner wall (t3 keeps) and we havent found a way to deal with them. Traps to Reveal arent triggering or are simply running out with mega ports of thiefs. Skill-Reveals are never hitting, if yes, port through the whole keep -> invisible again And permanently having people camp in the lord room doesnt work either, because after a little bit waiting, the enemy group gets simp
  12. It definetely should grant at least 2 might per Pulse of Facet of Strength. Right now its a lot more worse than Shared Empowerment alone + A dmg buff to Forceful persistence, because with that the supportive part gets about halved.
  13. Weakness, Dodging, Toughness, protection, blocks, immunities, all those other damage reductions (traits, food, class specific skills), evades... there are imo too many things that make Power classes pretty bad in WvW.
  14. Portal to transport allies in combination with dozends of teleports and perma-stealth ,while being able to remove "revealed" is atm a big factor of wvw being ruined.
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