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  1. Make the elite great again. It could be a Group-Stunbreak.
  2. They could pump up Ventari -Facet of Nature, move elevated compassion from herald to one of the Salvation orb traits (which are all complete garbage) and be the tablet move a 10man-heal.
  3. No , they need to finally STOP nerfing stuff. Right now PvP feels like fighting in the Super Adventure Box. If the game is "slow", then they shouldnt nerf healing & buff damage again.
  4. so in short: Dance of Death isnt that broken. Renegade is (like always). & the other trait options are worse than DoD.
  5. Oh dance of death is broken? Is there anything thats not broken? (like shroud, barrier, Pets, towers, clones, banners....)
  6. Like said above, sustain in PvE isnt worth talking about. Condi revs were kinda problematic in WvW before. Then they completely destroyed (its damage &) sustain by the removal of resistance, which it completely relied on. Back in the days, without the runes, condi Revs in WvW where pretty much garbage. Now, a lot weaker, the runes arent capable of carrying the condi rev anymore. Time for nerf? No. That opportunity was missed, even though it would have saved CRev from its suffering now. (and btw, passive booning works for semi-afk farm too)
  7. Imo, defending needs a huge buff. A while ago, before the "All siege does 25% less damage" update came, it was still outhealed doesnt matter how much siege you build. And its still like that.
  8. Playing offmeta will almost always mean that you will perform worse or have a harder time performing equally good like Meta builds
  9. Ignoring reports and forum post regarding hacks ,cheat and exploit means for me that its a feature of the game.
  10. i ,as a herald player, appreciate having an Condi Rene, Power Rene, Heal rene, Condi Alac rene, Power alac rene and boon herald
  11. Time for more guard nerfs. Then shattered aegis wont look that bad anymore.
  12. Not happy with heralds state, nor with Core.
  13. They can jump, but most bots dont.
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