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  1. If there's that big of a zerg hitting your Bay/Hills, you're either going to have enough people that claiming doesn't matter because you'll have drained it before the pop-up box even appears, or there's not enough of you and that extra +5 isn't going to help you stop them at all.
  2. My WvW Guild RELISHES the UW fights. We generally try and bait the other zergs into the water at Garri or Bay... to the point zergs no longer want to chase after us in them unless they VASTLY outnumber us (2-3x more).
  3. Your first problem was playing on EBG. True Tarnished Coast folks play on Red BL. I mean... everyone either ignores Mag or double-teams them because they're kittens. Plus is it really double-teaming when they try their hardest to get out of T1?
  4. TC loves that map, and many of that servers guilds will generally play on it. Just because you guys don't like it doesn't mean others feel the same. What we need is a 3rd unique map so we don't have 2 clones. I suggest a Cantha-themed map with LOTS of water. Underwater Zerg fights are always a blast.
  5. Fire is semi-useful with her constant fearing, forcing players to wait it out or burn their stun-break skill early. That said, PLEASE GIVE US A NEW MAP -- Cantha themed with lots of water! It can be Green BL.
  6. Allow EU and NA guild members to join each other in specialized instances (Guild Hall, Dungeons, etc.)
  7. kitten Boomers living in their Towers and Keeps while we Millennials have to share 5 to a camp.
  8. Spying isn't anything new in a war-like game mode. What we need to do is just find a way to adapt and/or utilize it so it's enjoyable.
  9. 1. The Firenadoes/Asuran Pads/Birbs take care of that problem. 2. I see people dying all the time in the Alpines from fall damage. People just refuse to look before they jump. 3. Towers are a MAJOR improvement in Desert. Actually room to fight in there unlike the Alpine towers. 4. Variety is better. 5. Same can be said about Alpine. Nobody fights there.
  10. This wasn't even Beta. Hell, I'd be hard-pressed to call it Alpha.
  11. Traherne, Eir, Faolin, Zojja (let's be honest, she's dead at this point). Quick ones I can remember off the top of my head.
  12. See, I tried FFXIV and I was just BORED after getting to Level 10. It felt so... cookie-cutter, a clone of any generic MMORPG. Additionally, the amount of quests that pile onto you was overwhelming. I uninstalled that game because if they couldn't keep me interested in the beginning part, where did they expect me to pay monthly for it?
  13. Wintersday. Nothing more fun than beating your guildies in a Snowball fight.
  14. Isn't the fight where you lose, Balth keeps you alive until he gets to 10% health anyways because he's "not done toying with us yet"? Seriously, he'll give you instant rallies several times.
  15. Mordramoth takes that prize...
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