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  1. If it gets people interested in WvW again, I'm all for it. We were having a blast on Red BL today (all maps except Home BL were full).
  2. I just afk in the thing because it's a terrible design and it's stupidly boring. But it's an easy 2 gold while you do something else irl.
  3. Seriously Anet, just sink Bay already. Our guild though LOVES to fight underwater. We'll drag them towards water if it's possible.
  4. First I've even heard of New World. Looks cool though -- I'll have to check it out.
  5. Funny thing is... FC/TC isn't even running big blobs. We generally run 4-5 Havoc/Small-sized Groups (especially on reset) that cause major headaches, but if needed -- can piece together a few havoc squads to fight a larger force. Last Reset, we had literally 8-9 tags on our Home (Green) BL.
  6. GW2 is partially B2P. The Core Game is now F2P, but the expansions are B2P + Microtransactions in the "Gem Store".
  7. That's because it's just this year's flavor of extracting money from consumer's wallets. Lootboxes were all the rage a few years ago and finally fell out after they saw the consequences of it (BLCs need to go too Anet). We're just now getting to long-term effects of Season Passes and it's starting to show. People are burnt out from those games and the playerbase population falls which ends up being less revenue going forward. And if you believe that "people don't have to do it -- it's optional" kitten, just look at the WvW Tournaments from back in the day. It never recovered due t
  8. I said long-term. The Seasonal Pass system is designed to try and keep users playing for as long as possible, which causes burnout and people putting down the game forever. MMORPGs are already designed to do this at a much slower scale. A season pass cranks it up to 11.
  9. Yes -- we need MORE lag because those 3-way skill lag fights as you mash your skill keys waiting for them to pop off while your character melts under a torrent of red rings isn't enough. Now now... the EU has 3. America has 4 timezones (ignoring Hawaii and Alaska).
  10. God no. Battle/Season Passes are a HORRIBLE design feature that ends up destroying games long-term. They deserve to be sent to the pits of hell alongside lootboxes (or in this game -- Black Lion Chests).
  11. TC player (FC's link server atm), SOS has a massive OCX presence, right when JQ and FC go to sleep. So all they can do is K-Train. You can see the movement between the 3 servers happening on GW2Mists showing the activity. It's literally in cycles. We're sick of fighting against SOS. JQ has been a blast to fight against though.
  12. If you're a Chrono, why not just use Moa -> F4 (before the Moa Skill finishes activating) -> Moa skill again?
  13. You must not be on TC/FC then. RBL is usually the 2nd map to queue (behind EBG). Several guilds prefer to do their raids there. Hell, I commanded Sunday and we were constantly fighting all over Fire against JQ. We're to the point that we only go to an ABL if: 1. Something major that we own is being attacked. 2. Change of scenery. 3. We can't fit everyone into DBL. One of the resets, we owned Fire and took advantage of our Fire immunity to set up ACs behind the Lord and fire upon the enemy during the fight... at least until they wised up and turned off a shrine or two
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