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  1. It's Anet. They haven't tweaked any of their seasonal events for years now.
  2. Think he means Drizzlewood. You can just stand at the Claw's... claw and wail on it until it dies.
  3. Simple. Bring the computer/laptop into the bathroom! /s
  4. I ran one fractal and didn't get any trophies. I didn't bother after that. Also, was referring to the teleport scroll.
  5. I took one look at the reward, and thought -- Nah, I'm good -- and went back to WvW (or would have liked to, but it's Mag week for us, so playing other games instead). I don't understand why someone thought that was a good reward for completing 100 Fractals.
  6. I remember the days of JQ vs. BG vs. TC -- SMC was always paper. Nobody ever wanted to own it because it was too much of a hassle to keep it up, so it would flip every 5-20 minutes, lol.
  7. The number of players that try to run out the front gate (which obviously won't let them) is more than I can count vs. the ones that try and leave by stairs. Pretty sure that bug's been reported ages ago. So a little bit of both.
  8. No thanks. We like hunting down the last of the bags that are still inside like the trapped rats they are. Shhh, that's a bug and was a quiet one until you said something.
  9. We already have that... it's called PvP and EOTM Arena. You must have missed the update. That said, I still don't care about the mounts. It took me ages just to get Skyscale because I just didn't see the need for it. Do I use it? Sure, but only because I'm lazy. If mounts were to disappear tomorrow, it wouldn't affect me at all. I refuse to ever get a Mount Skin. Any I might have gotten were free from an unlock or such.
  10. This is stupid. If you want a tail, play as a Charr.
  11. Most Game companies have this type of option available for liability reasons, but never mention it. The above person is correct. Reach out to Anet CS to explore this option.
  12. So if I have a healing build and attune my ele to Water (so Soothing Mist is active all the time), and afk in the middle of the fight, nobody will complain, right?
  13. It's always been known. $$$$ That's it. That's the only reason it's never happening. If guilds would just stop being a bunch of suckers and just stop transferring worlds, then we might get them.
  14. kitten, I lose my bet. They actually remembered about relinks.
  15. Not really. On Reset, our server broke into about 6-7 different groups on one map and was VERY effective. We zerged up when needed, but for most of the night, it allowed the havocs to really hurt them on the control of the map side of things.
  16. 10 gold they forget about relinks and just log off for the Holiday Weekend.
  17. Then how does the game know if it's someone trying to attack the keep or not? I "perma-tap" an enemy keep to try and get them to let down their guard ("It's that kitten thief messing with the guards" -- oblivious that after the 5th or 6th tap the zerg is hitting from the other side.) Regardless, all's fair in love and war my friend.
  18. I mean, I take off the week that No-Down State is turned on, so god forbid some guilds and pugs want to try to spice things up in a different way.
  19. My WvW Guild does... we like taking stuff.
  20. I seriously want the Fractal's "Social Awkwardness" turned on for 24 hours in WvW. Just for the sheer chaos. MAKE IT HAPPEN ANET.
  21. Just let us message the enemies easier. Makes it easier when I want to coordinate with the other server so we can beat the crap out of Maguuma.
  22. I mean, that's also true. There's zero incentive for winning skirmishes. Nothing like '10 Mystic Coins for the Server who gets 1st place -- each character who plays for at least Gold chest (Pips).'
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