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  1. It is faster in many cases since raptor has to navigate terrain and map obstacles, skyscale can just fly straight over them A-B. If you dont use skyscale and wait for the copter in verdant brink, the matriarch is close to dead by the time you go through the loading screen. The entirely of dragonfall has people using skyscales to get to events faster particularly for the champions at the end of the event. Drizzlewood also has overuse of skyscale in the north meta for moving between the events before the castle and in the south for getting to the bonus champions. Given that these are some
  2. Raids alongside PVP are the best form of self progression as they require you to improve your skill and gameplay to succeed. GW2 being a casual game does not mean everything must be braindead easy. Why do you want to raid if you are a self proclaimed casual anyway? Regardless there are hundreds of guides on how to start raiding online. I suggest starting there. They are much more detailed and helpful than any forum post or 2 line response you will get in game will be. That is if you actually want help and advice and this is not just another 'remove raids' rant.
  3. Maybe Im the minority but I agree with OP. I think skyscale is stupidly OP compared to all other mounts. I hate the thing, its clunky and doesn't fit with the smooth movement that I enjoy in gw2. Unfortunately if I try and not use it, I get left behind in stuff like bounty chains and metas and when playing solo I feel like Im handicapping myself. Maybe some people are just so used to having it they forget what its like to play without it. Removing the dodge roll would bring it more in line with other mounts its intended to be for verticality and its fine that its strong in that area. It doesn'
  4. I never once said they are proven or objectivly good. im getting fed up of people taking my point out of context tbh. in fact i said its not a bad thing gw2 breaks away from standard mmo archetypes. you are right they mostly exist due to other succeasful games however that does not change the fact these archetypes exist in most games, and are what many people expect mmos to contain. and therefore many will be confused or dislike when a game breaks away from standard mmo forumla. hence why gw2 remains niche. thats all.
  5. Yes I do know it is true. Right from the beginning this game had to be redesigned to add heart 'quests' because most of its players disliked the directionless of events only. The game even lost a huge portion of its players due to lack of progression when it launched. WoW is not the only MMO with typical mmo features like vertical progression and questing, thats why they are typical mmo industry feature..not a wow specific feature. I dont know what weird issue you have with wow players or hardcore players from other MMOs but its still not relevant to what I was talking about.
  6. I have no idea why you assumed my 'typical mmo' player meant only hardcore. Nowhere did I say that at all. IMO games need a good balance between both casual and hard content to be successful but again thats irrelevant to my point. Typical MMO players are used to quest based levelling and story, vertical progression and clear class roles, among other standard MMO features. Gw2 doesnt offer these and results in many MMO players feeling lost and not enjoying the game. Like I said its not a bad thing, just it doesnt appeal to the mass audience and keeps gw2 niche.
  7. The collection edition literally say 'get everything you need to experience tyria, a vast living world' If that doesnt imply that all gw2 content is included in the package idk what would. There is no additional information that half of the content is not included.
  8. Game is good but it has problems. The big 3 imo: Firstly being an MMO but not catering to typical MMO audiences will always keep it niche. This isnt necessarily bad but GW2 doesn't deliver the type of content MMO players look for. Bad Management. The game has flip flopped on how it wants to deliver content and what business model it should use so many times its painful. It leads to rushed, unfinished content like IBS and so so many game systems and modes which are developed, used once then forgotten. Living story: While some living story content itself can be great, its of
  9. Mainly because its pretty deceptive. If they were upfront about the cost im sure most people would have no issue with it, but with anet implying you get the full game, then realising to get the full story and content you need to pay double what you expected is going to turn alot of people off. I always find it super disappointing when people defend shady business practices.
  10. When they made the transition from armors in gem store to outfits they justified it by saying it takes them on average 6 months to make one set vs a few weeks for outfits. Its on the old forums. Edit: A good example of this is wvw legendary which doesn't have any particularly special effects but took over a year to be implemented from when they said they were working on it.
  11. Like they are really going to make any significant changes in 3 months. Come back to reality please. This is the company that takes 6 months to make 1 armour skin we are talking about.
  12. Well regardless, there is no mini with that name or icon. Closest is https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mini_Frozen_Tik'Teek but its still off. Minis don't receive buffs so if it is a mini its badly bugged.
  13. Looks like a bugged ranger pet to me. Mini's dont receive buffs and it has a custom name.
  14. How can you not get it? There is no way to make it work. There are too many movement based challenges that would have to be removed to progress with heros. Removing challenge is not good for the game. I have given numerous examples. If its just for open world and personal story sure. But then you have to consider if its worth the dev time. Thats up to anet. It comes with its own issues such as increased visual pollution and server capabilities.
  15. Theres no meta only requirement for anything. Nothing stops you from forming your own groups with no requirements. Community wants it because certain buffs and damage coefficients are overpowered, thats all, and running without these buffs can double the time it takes to complete content. The solution is not to remove group play altogether but to balance these traits and buffs. That and create a proper tutorial so peopel can actually learn game mechanics and improve, and not have terrible non -cohesive builds. Anet wont do that though because its a ton of work and the system is too old to do a
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