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  1. Ewps allready take 20s the cast time could be included in your loading screen
  2. Wave and jump a few times? Usually works unless you are in a known dueling spot, because then you're asking for a fight instead. I walked up to a camp that 4 reds had taken during camp dailies and I was alone on my Starclaw. Sat there for a minute with all 5 of us hopping up and down on our Warclaws and I went to take the camp and they went on with their roaming circuit. Sometimes roamers can convey with a few simple jumps and waves that they just want to do dailies. Although I have been THAT guy before. I came up on the Wurm during Vet dailies once with 10 greens there. Waved a bunch of times, one guy waved a bunch back. Well all killed the Wurm and while that went down I downed and stomped the guy that waved to me and ran on out, with all his buddies watching. Yeah and while you at IT try a quagan tonic/nohuch tonic with a kite...That little extra might give some extra Signs...speaking for myself its more clear...mostly people get into tonic before approaching you if they friendly..jump 2 mins and donr Finally some constructive advice. I'll give that a try. Reminds me of the time about 8 greens and I were waiting for the veteran warg and a lone red causally rode up, dismounted and stood nearby. To my amazement, no one attacked despite the obvious numbers imbalance. We all got our daily creature slayer but some meanies killed the poor red in the fray. Maybe it was an accident from people not paying attention to targeting, or AOEs. I hope he got credit. Apart from the unfortunate end, the restraint so many people showed was remarkable. Maybe dailies hunters have a better code of ethics than a lot of the "dis war, me see red, me smash" roamers. If all I want to do is fight, I'll play PvP. At least there, there's a reason someone's beating you up, and fights are more on even terms.Lol you still in a war zone...considering people dicks because you interprete An area wrong is your fault and not theirs..same goes for real life
  3. After several years of playing i found myself characterise enemy serversAfter moving to EU ive Done the same bit merely compare them to the na i know...which is rather ironic And yes i have a hatred to certain characters of servers...i dont mind ac deployment but 3 on a wall watching or jumpingyou with 5 people Edit: removed server names
  4. Wanna Fox soj? 1 burn stack on cast, not hit, make charge cooldown 25s and castcooldown 15s.. While you at IT make IT trigger. that Carry trait once(its been bullshit for years i AM surprised people only noticed now)
  5. If you spend approximatly 104 days without sleep youll be a rich man in game
  6. Yes plz, as event week...and make all 4 maps dessert bl to stir some extra drama
  7. Because the big bottleneck in their thinking process >the Brain< wont let Them do that Ban incoming again! Seeya next week 0/
  8. Lol Just play some WvW and grind those tickets and you have it in no time.. Yeah if youll farm Them IT wont go faster...and but it will feel slower
  9. I mean something like ab with 3 party's of 5 , with PVP rules and 3-5 cap points would be awesome
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