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  1. Yup, these were minigames for the general public. I figured out how to edit my previous posts (the devs saw my question in another post and turned on the feature), but it seems like the transfer messed up all of the formatting lol. For me, this is fine because this is a discontinued post 😛
  2. Minigames have been DISCONTINUED! I can't figure out how to edit posts that were made from before the forum revamp, so I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Minigames are DISCONTINUED due to lack of interest.
  3. I love this new forum, but I can't figure out how to edit my posts that were made from before the forum revamp. How do I edit previous posts?
  4. Good news! I decided to continue minigames on a weekly basis. They will now be hosted every Sunday at 7pm PT.Edit: I also recalculated after changing my schedule and realized that I went from spending 90g/day to only 30g/week on prizes. Wow, hosting 3 games a day every day really required a lot! Now I don't need to beg for money anymore, yay! I can sustain 30g/week easy.Edit 2: I am hosting weekly events on both GW2 and my favorite MineCraft server :D I am happy now.
  5. If someone wants to merge squads, let there be a request that goes to the requestee squad's Commander, if there is a Commander.I have hosted minigames for only 5 days, and three times my squad has been merged with a RIBA squad. My squad title/description clearly says that I'm hosting minigames such as hide 'n seek and does not look like RIBA at all. I would like there to be a request for it and I would like to be able to decline so that I do not have to keep re-forming squads.
  6. After Sunday 4/17, I will cut the number of games down to 3-5 games a week. 1 game during a weekday, 2-4 games during the weekend.Edit: I will most likely discontinue the minigames due to lack of interest. So far it's 50% no-goes, 50% barely get the minimum 3 people. I may go back to my favorite server in MineCraft just to host minigames to a more receptive community. It is, however, a younger community...Edit 2: Want to know something sad? No one in my favorite MineCraft server plays minigames, either...
  7. Follow The Leader and Tic-Tac-Toe have been added!Edit: Guess My Word and Guess My Picture have also been added!Edit 2: Doubled the amount of questions for Trivia, but prizes will be... not quite halved but a little less each. Overall, it will cost me more =.=
  8. This section is actually for player-hosted events like fashion contests, like the section description says.I don't think they will come out for awhile. Currently, they have EoD and the steam release to work on, huehuehue...
  9. Remember to check this thread often! The schedule is updated at least once a day to show at least the next one or two days! Times may change, so check the schedule again before looking for my squad! Also just increased the number of winners for Treasure Hunt. Really, this thread is updated often xD
  10. This is the wrong section to post a question. In-Game Events is for people who are hosting in-game events, like a fashion contest. Please delete this thread and repost it in the sections Guild Wars 2 Discussion or Players Helping Players.
  11. Rules and Descriptions:Events always take place in starter zones. Therefore, anyone level 2 and up can join at any time. Hide 'n SeekI hide, you all seek. I will give hints every 2-3 minutes. When you find me, stand right next to me, /salute, and run away so that others can't use you to find me. If there are choices for prizes, you can choose after you run away. Do NOT talk in /say chat while you're near me! Others can use that to find us. There are three winners each round, so don't give up just because someone already found me! Three main rounds. You are allowed to use gliders and mounts but
  12. DISCONTINUED DISCONTINUED DISCONTINUED Minigames have been discontinued due to lack of interest. Thank you to those who supported the minigames, and I'm sorry if you were looking forward to supporting or playing more. Original Post: Hide 'n seek!Hide 'n go seek (tag)!Trivia!Foot Races!Treasure Hunts!Speedy Tic-Tac-Toe!Guess My Word! Once a week on Sunkittenys at 7pm PT, I host minigames such as those listed above. If you want to know what the next minigame is, please look below or whisper Kiiber. That's K-eye-eye-B-E-R. Schedule:4/25 7pm PT
  13. You mean just get information on any item? You can type /wiki item for information on it. It's a command that pulls up the official wiki through your default browser. It's a really good wiki.
  14. How does one unfollow threads? I get too many notifications from old threads that I don't feel like following anymore, but I'm not sure how to unfollow the threads. Is there a button for it somewhere that I missed?
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