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  1. I would like to take a moment to thank Anet for their hard work, and for constantly shifting through the sands of complaints and finding the gems that help them continue to create a better game. I think it's nice, once in awhile, to stop thinking about all the bad in the game and reflect on the good. I'm scared to read forums, because it is mostly about the bad. And most of the time, I don't agree with what is being said in forums. And so, I would like to squeeze in a happy thread, one of many and one that will not be buried for a mere minute, to help remind forum-scrollers that Guil
  2. This is necessary for the meta to succeed. The map has a cap of 60 players, and a squad holds 50. Some people use 3 squads, 20 people in each. Usually when you're being asked to leave, you are also welcomed to join their squad to help with the meta. If you both refuse to join the squad and refuse to leave the instance, then you are actively preventing the meta's success. The commander offering you gold to leave is merely trying to help ensure a win for the 50-60 people relying on him. He's not buying you out of the "grand finale meta". He's buying you out of failing it for everyone in the
  3. If you bought them recently, you can try contacting support. If you bought them awhile ago, probably not. It would be like buying a real toy, playing with it for a year, and trying to return it when you're bored with it.
  4. I have noticed an increase in toxicity in both forums and map chat, but I think this happens every time after an expansion, i.e. every time we get an influx of new players. I suppose that some veterans are coming out of hardcore game modes to complete some content, too. Give it a few weeks/months--the toxic vets will have finished their grind and then we'll only have to deal with the newbies. The newbies flooding in from less friendly games come with habitual toxicity. If we continue to shower them with kindness, they will eventually learn to be friendly >:) Also, the friendly people a
  5. I only play charr. I think the face that makes no sense to me is a new "asian charr" face. For most charr mouths, sliding the jaw tilts it forward or backward, so you can have an overbite or underbite or try really hard to have functioning teeth (me) xD But for one of the faces, sliding the jaw moves it up and down. As in, you're adjusting how constantly slack-jawed/open-mouthed you are. What? Why? This is not how charr face customization works! Also, the animations of the face are weird. It animates normally if you emote /talk, but in cutscene conversations with the two people on ei
  6. I'm a casual player, but I like the Dragon's End meta the way that it is. I think it makes sense. It's the end of the dragon arc and we're killing the mother of all dragons. It's a fight that puts together everything that we've ever done in GW2. It's a good ending. I think that locking the siege turtle behind it is fine. What do you need a siege turtle for? It's slow compared to other mounts, can't be used in WvW, and it needs a second player to go pewpew. I heard that it makes strikes enjoyable, but I haven't tried EoD strikes yet. Previous strikes are doable without the turtle. The
  7. "Customize All Stats" option for legendary armory. Let's you quickly swap stats on all of your legendary gear to the same set of stats. Probably would be more helpful if there were also sub-options like "Customize All Armor/Weapon/Trinket Stats". But I believe that ANet wants people to buy Equipment Templates, so just the first one is a nice compromise, for the people who are willing to use the same template and click repeatedly for the same set of stats across all their gear anyway.
  8. People have been speculating pre-EoD that the EoD legendary weapons would be much more accessible and easily obtained than all previous ones. Are you saying that it's actually the opposite? Welp. I guess I won't be making any EoD legendaries...
  9. But the EoD NPC escorts actually run faster than me. Some of them run faster than my basic raptor. With each expansion, the escort NPCs get faster and faster. They won't change the older ones--that would be hard for new players who aren't used to them, or don't have mounts. Also, the NPCs would not know which player to follow. If one person runs really fast while another person afks at the start, who's to say that the NPC won't follow the afk person and not move at all? If the NPC were to follow the person who talks to it first, what if the player immediately afks, thus stalling the NPC?
  10. My first impression is that the story dialogue is great. Lots of humor. While in the detention center, I wanted to wait for Gorrik to stop talking before I interacted with anything around me, for fear of cutting him off. I enjoyed hearing him talk. But then he stopped talking and my time ran out xD at least i got to read his journal! The environment and general aesthetic feels a bit off to me. Besides the maps being empty (an issue with too many map instances being generated, according to others), the first canthan map and area feels very... pastel. Like i'm in an overly bright paint
  11. It's too empty. I feel like a lot of stuff could be more entertaining if I saw other players, like the gliding tutorial obstacle course. Gorrik is funny if you talk to him there. It's nice to do it once and see what's in the chest (nothing special). But if there were more players running around it, it would have a more upbeat energy. Right now, everything feels so meditative. But forcibly meditative, so it's not enjoyable, just lonely. Hopefully, they'll fix this soon.
  12. I'm disappointed that they didn't write a Goldclaw book. It's there to advance the achievement, but it's just a note saying that they have no idea what to write. Lunar New Year is underwhelming compared to all other festivals. Maybe it's because the staff don't have enough Asians to give advice, but since they skipped writing a one-page book, I feel like it's more that they think it's the least important festival. This is a bad look when considering that Cantha is on its way and they're trying to attract more Asian players.
  13. I don't think that Monkey in the Middle has anything to do with Lunar New Years. I was thinking of open-world events dedicated to each zodiac that are standalones, not bundled up into one Celestial Challenge. Or a big event dedicated to the one zodiac of the year. Perhaps a temple where we can worship Tai Sui to avoid offending him? Most people think that the year of your zodiac is your lucky year, but it's actually the opposite. The year of your zodiac is your most unlucky year, and that's the real reason for all of the luck traditions. It's merely to prevent bad luck, not boost on
  14. Use the Lucky Prismatic Rocket. To fire the Draketails, you need to target the ground. But for the Rockets, you only need to press 1 because it's not ground-targetted. It just fires from where you're standing. I forget if any fireworks have a "consume all" function.
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