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  1. "Drive the wallows out of the Altrumm Mines" is still not spawning, making some achievements impossible to complete. Really frustrating. Also, Valdhertz crypts are STILL completely bugged. Downed both endbosses and can't access the heart of grenth at all. 15 Minutes absolutely wasted.
  2. Housing is my greatest wish for this game since release.
  3. Hello dear Guild Wars 2 Forum, Intro: On behalf of the international roleplay community, I wanted to draw attention to a thing that makes not only roleplay events in guild halls completely (!) impossilbe but also hinders gatherings for guild members. Problem: The problem is that whenever 5 people enter the guild hall, a new instance opens up and everyone has to leave and enter the new instance. Now, the same thing happens at 15 players and on top of that at 25 players again. This is not only extremely frustrating but also makes creating events in guild halls simply imposs
  4. I second this full-heartedly. It's very annoying and sad to see that our favorite spots for roleplaying are being removed piece by piece for no apparent reason 😔
  5. Hey there, my name's Fabi and I'm a member of the german roleplay community of guild wars 2. Today I have something very special for you! I had the opportunity to interview the ANet narrative team and was able to ask 10 questions about the guild wars 2 lore that may help some of you for your personal roleplay. We wanted to fill gaps and ask things that partially were on our mind for ages. So together, we collected our questions and voted for the 10 best ones to send to ANet. I thought, this would most likely interest you guys here aswell, hence the post. A big, big thank you to Jus
  6. My Guild Wars 2 Wishlist for 2021: • Dyeable underwear• New hairstyles• Tattoos for all races• Remove the furniture piece limit for small areas• Increase the furniture limit of all guild halls• A beautiful canthan guild hall• Increase the guild level and add more customization with it• Normal furniture for guild halls (stairs, sinks, walls, doors etc.)• A long and rugged cape/mantle with rogue-like hood (think of ithilien rangers from lord of the rings)• Housing• Customizable cursor• Being able to change sitting animation in chairs• New guild missions• Fix mapping issue in guild halls where it
  7. So many people want this!(https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/ej61cr/now_that_were_able_to_wear_capes_does_anyone_else/) I'd love to have a cool cloak-mask combo or atleast a rugged looking cape like the ithilien rangers wear in lord of the rings.
  8. Me and reddit would LOVE to have a cool cloak-facemask combo. Or atleast a rugged cape like the one in lord of the rings (ithilien rangers): https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/ej61cr/now_that_were_able_to_wear_capes_does_anyone_else/
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