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  1. Tc the Na server has 58,000 deaths already lol. I’m going to guess that’s the most out of any server Na or eu
  2. So I’ve been told I’m a good listener, what did them villains of mag do to you ?
  3. we are a t2 server because we choose to be, tyvm. Do u even wvw ?
  4. we all KNOW, except maybe you rookies that t1 is middle of the night ppt ktrains avoiding each other to capture empty buildings. ITS BASICALLY PVE, How’s that winning ? My definition of winning is mid day to prime time capping an ACTIVE ebg keep and spawn camping for hours. That’s fun and fun = winning! consider yourself educated yw ~ obs
  5. The reason we winning and keep grinning is because people like you “think” you have it all figured out. you don’t.
  6. Wvw and player vrs player fighting isn’t for everyone. maybe it’s not your thing ?
  7. go where ever you want bro, you don’t owe anyone anything, it’s your game, have fun with it before it’s dead.
  8. Mag is the best thing that ever happened to ET, book it. ~obs
  9. to be accurate I believe it’s all mag/sbi players discussing the matter. Kindly see yourself out.
  10. Great they are winning 1 map in kdr. Guess which ? red bl. https://ibb.co/NF2qHb3 the rest they are losing, other then the indo boon blob Ar is a Walmart version of Fa. Wanna bes. Try hards and neck beards. That fold ez 123.
  11. Just look up the ebg stats. They’ve been getting smacked around more now then they have in a while
  12. Been laying the wood to ar all week.. you crazy
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