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  1. I read very well what you said, you just don't seem to get why it matters that you can't pack all those tools into one build. Imagine being so kitten at the game that you classify the soulbeast pull+immob + axe 5 "broken". Axe 5 roots the user. That's why it is okay for it to hit hard. Dodge the pull and the ranger sits like a duck doing you no harm. Druid is a kittening meme. Ancient Seed shouldn't exist, but put that aside and you have the WORST SUPPORT SPEC IN PVP/WVW. Speaking about things things that are sticking out, imagine if Anet gave half as much care about th
  2. WHO RUNS ETERNAL BOND!???? IT'S GARBAGE. Should not grant health? Well, first of all it shouldn't exist to begin with, but Eternal Bond is a WORSE version of Berserker's Dead or Alive trait. Like, come on.
  3. Why do you bring up axe 5 when you're listing benefits that requires you to play LB/GS? It's the same old kittening story everytime, listing up everything a ranger could do, and then present it as if the ranger could run all of it at the same time. Disengange at will means you're running weapons with leaps and merged pets with leaps. Otherwise there are classes that easily will keep up with you. Dolyak Stance has always been overtuned with the damage reduction that replaced retaliation and the longbow should arguably be 1200 range (I'd love that, it would actually make stronger arg
  4. Because it barely sees no use other than making PvE spirits better and the oddball that still bothers to run some boonbeast variant. Fortifying Bond combined with Fresh Reinforcement/Heal as One and to a lesser extent Protective Ward are what always carried this traitline for boon shenanigans builds, it doesn't offer much else.
  5. Retal is good riddance. Some of the old resistance skills need some rebalance. Like having your pet pull all conditions to it while giving it 2 seconds of resistance was always a bit of a pet killer, but now it's even worse.
  6. I don't think so either, but either just scepter or focus sounds very limiting. And considering mainhand dagger SHOULD have been a core ranger weapon to begin, I think it's only fair to push the boundary a bit this time. I don't think any spec it's gonna be completely petless either, but that's not because it relies on a pet for skills and traits (it doesn't, the traits and skills only has to work with the ranger the same way they do with a merged soulbeast, and it has to thematically make sense). Regardless, it's what I want. Just get rid of it completely. A spec with
  7. The only knockdowns ranger has access to are from your secondary pet, but you're gonna be up on your feet again before the pet swap happens and the drake wiggles it body right next to you. As for the build in general, weaver should win the sidenode matchup.
  8. You're the one complaining about not being able to run with your tail between your legs when going downstate (aka mist form into a tower), and you call other classes cheesy? Mist form is the most annoying downstate skill in wvw. Not the best, but the most annoying. In general I think it's refreshing to take out gankers when they can't rely on downstate anymore, makes it easier to play when outnumbered.
  9. Imagine implying there is any drawback to holosmith at all. Kits disabled for 5 seconds? Poor you. Almost as bad as having the elite toolbelt skill replaced by photon forge and an entire new weapon bar. The problem here is that command skills currently DO work with beastmode. Suggesting anything that doesn't work is a step backwards in terms of functionality. The main problem with these suggestions in general is that OP wants skills to rely on terrible AI. No thanks. Replace Search and Rescue with something useful (we don't need 2 revival skills, 3 with druid) and put a
  10. As long as ranger doesn't get a rifle and/or an AI heavy spec, I'm happy enough. Happier if it's wvw friendly. By that I mean more than just roaming and smallscale, obviously. Warden with a hammer, CC and direct damage. Or some Nature Magic shenanigans, scepter+focus, if they'd allow that. I'd prefer it to be completely petless.
  11. Replace the 300 seconds cooldown traits. Make druid competetively viable as a support elite spec in pvp and wvw. I'd really like a bit of an overhaul of druid, but I don't see that happening, so I'd take any QoL changes. Dropping the 20s avatar cooldown in pvp down to 15s (adjust the two you-know-what traits if needed), reworking CA1 to a cone skille instead of the awkward thing we always had, make Glyph of the Star feel better to use, completely replace Glyph of Unity. Change staff 2, increase the size of staff 5, reevaluate healing coefficients and healing power scaling - some ar
  12. Exactly. Ranger has very little going for it to back up such a role. Nature Magic is an awful traitline for anything else except boosting pve spirits and boon shenanigans with fortifying bond. It's not even particularly good as a selfish traitline. - Linger Magic after the competetive split is basically just +120 concentration with a meaningless 120 to your pet, which is weaker than any other secondary effect on other classes with comparable traits. - Protective Ward is the default choice GM because spirits are PvE only and Invigorating Bond is ??????. So you're stuck with the selfis
  13. I'm gonna assume the superspeed change will make Anet nerf Griffon stance at some point and put it right back to that awkward niche spot it had before.
  14. The issue with druid and the reason why it is shoehorned into one specific role has nothing to do with adding random conditions on the staff (burn on auto op af, but that's beside the point), but has EVERYHTING to do with the tools druid itself is given and the tools base ranger already had to fill these support roles. Spirit bot for PvE works because spirits were already a strong secondary group utility for PvE and something core ranger brought to the table. Spirits will always remain a strong secondary reason to bring a ranger for pve content regardless of what ranger spec you go
  15. Try supporting someone on druid in pvp or wvw, compare it to any other meta frequent support build and tell me again that druid isn't underperforming when you take away its pve-only spirit bot build. Tell how much you didn't wish you could just enter a medkit whenever you wanted and top someone up by pressing 1111111111. Cosmic Ray was always garbage and clunky, Seed of Life should be 240 radius, lesser Seed of Life should be bumped back to 2 cleanses. Rejuvenating Tides is rarely worth casting if not for GotL stacking in PvE (I barely use it in PvP/wvw unless I can blast it with C
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