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  1. It's bugged and applies them around your target instead of you
  2. Well, yes, that's a design trade-off of being a confusion class. You're less useful on certain encounters and unrivalled on others. Some builds are more niche than others. If you have concerns about anet design decisions, you can surely share them and propose potential changes that would be healthy for mesmer in your opinion 🙂
  3. This doesn't take confusion into consideration, which boosts it to around ~33k to ~45k.
  4. This. Ranged in this game doesn't function in a way that you can just afk at 1200 ranged away from every single aoe and pew pew (I mean, you can do that, but your efficiency drops drastically), ranged comes into play when encounters provide mechanics where bosses move, where you have to move, where you are blinded/can't attack the boss or the boss is invuln at close range, and yadayada. And that's when you have an advantage as ranged over melee because your dps uptime is higher. Yes, you still have to stick to your group for boon support, which adds another layer of group coordination,
  5. I don't get it, so you want to both pew pew the boss from a safe 1200 range and also contribute to the fight the same way melee's do, although they take way more risk having to deal with the encounter at close range ? Half of the meta builds in the game already incorporate ranged pressure in their kit, which allows them to have a more efficient dps uptime on certain encounters than those builds that are 100% melee. Moreover, all the classes in the game either have a viable ranged weapon option, or straight up use it in the main meta builds, or have ranged aspects incorporated in their class
  6. Mirage mobility can't spoil anyone when half of the specs in the game are powercreeped to such extent that they have no problem keeping up or even outpace mesmer due to short cd gap closers and sustained movement speed. Mirage mobility is vastly overrated and most of it is used to cover up the nonexistent sustain, while others get it as a powercreep bonus. And after warrior and who knows which else spec getting more vertical mobility, as well as numerous short cd gap closers built in profession mechanics of other specs, virtuoso looks like a stationary npc with absolutely zero sustain and
  7. The only thing that is wrong with ticket acquisition is reliance on "outnumbered" to speed up your progress. Outnumbered should be replaced by something else that requires and rewards active gameplay.
  8. Without even mentioning obvious mechanical disparities between elite specs and the amount of new skills they get, I especially love how everyone got these neat movement skills (warrior's teleport kekw) and cool movesets, while mesmer (which is supposed to be thief-like class) is just there pretending to a be a stationary golem that just kinda stands and jacks off some purple stuff with its hand. sadge
  9. No. Stat-wise it's the same as ascended.
  10. https://discretize.eu/builds/mesmer/power-chronomancer
  11. If the problem is wvw based, have you, like, tried avoiding torment attacks, so the enemy does not get the healing ? And if you don't constantly facetank 20 stacks (which you should not btw, and if you do, you're supposed to die, and not because of the subsequent torment rune healing output), 1k+ healing here and there shouldn't be that big of a deal, and is not that different from other classes self-sustaining skills like guard's meditations, warrior might heal or ranger's pet heal.
  12. @Levetty.1279 (idk how to pin someone) But if you have contextual comprehension problems, just so you understand the whole idea behind my posts which you purposefully choose to single out for some reason, I'll clarify once again just for you specifically. (And that's what other like-minded players agree on too) I think staff mirage's dmg should not be buffed because: 1) It already deals quite respectable dps that goes up from "respectable" to "really really good" on certain bosses. 2) It has built-in boon support that you cannot disregard even if it's less useful within certain ty
  13. If you stop clinging to singled out words, and also stop trying to argue with me for the sake of argument that would be great. bUilDs hAvE skIlls that dO mOrE dMg ThaN oThErs kekw
  14. I didn't mean your rotation consists of 1 button (if you can call it a rotation at all). I meant that most of your dmg and boon sharing capabilities are coming from 1 button, aka ambush skill. And technically you don't even need boon duration stats to cap it. When I start playing thief, I will switch to thief sub with pleasure, thanks for your concerns.
  15. The OP was using golem bench as their proof of staff mirage performance and a justification of the proposed buffs. I simply pointed out that you gotta be more informed about something you use as your main proof or buffs justification. I don't see any real logs from the op, or any real arguments about staff mirage real performance on different bosses, hell, I don't even see mentions of the game mode mirage is supposed to "compete" with alac rev. How am I lacking context within this particular conversation ? And how exactly you figured I am misinformed about the actual mirage dps numbers ? M
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